Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One Hundred Posts

In first grade, I remember the 100th day of school in Mrs. Brazier’s class. Everybody was supposed to bring in 100 of something. The Egan twins brought squeaky cheese. My friend Eric brought a collection of Hot Wheels.

My item was a quilt with a hundred patches. It was made out of tricot. I have a similar one on my bed right now and I’m cuddled up in it right now (wishing I were sharing it with someone).


For this, my hundredth post, I first considered the trusty 100 random facts post, I thought that was way too much effort, so instead, I offer several small lists (which should not be considered rankings).

10 Hobbies:

Watching TV
Trying New Recipes
Procrastinating Chores
Hanging Out with Friends
Coming Up with New Projects
Shopping (I am a D.I. Maniac)

10 MoHo blogs I Read Religiously:

Third-Wave Mormon
Journey of a Gay Mormon Boy
Finding Myself
Evolution of a Lesbian
Hidden in the Light
The Slightly Disturbing Adventures of Grant Haws
Into the West
Sneakers in Sacrament
Captain Midnight
The Gaily Universe

15 Turn-ons (Thanks, Kurt):

tina-fey Funny
Stunning Smile
Good Laugh
Academic Nerdy Vibe (Where are you, male version of Tina Fey?)
Asian Guys
Curly Hair
Love of NPR
Latin American Accents

boxer briefsRough and/or Loud Make-Out Sessions
Slim Figure
Boxer Briefs
An Opinion

10 Non-Moho Blogs:

a million miles from normal | A blog and fansite for Fox's TV Show 'Glee'.
My bizarre world
The Maudlin story of a Bisexual Boy
Doctor Who News Page
The Narrow Gate (Mo but not Ho)
Joe. My. God.
Disney Film Project
One Fine Gay

10 Romantic Comedies:mannequin

Love Actually
Ever After
(500) Days of Summer
Notting Hill
Pretty Woman
13 Going on 30
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Miss Congeniality
So I Married an Axe Murderer

10 Grad schools I’m Considering:

Washington U. in St. Louis
UNC-Chapel Hill
University of Toronto
Columbia University
University of British Columbia
(I’m taking suggestions)

10 Musicals:

Song from an Unmade Bed Sunday in the Park with George
Children of Eden
Mamma Mia! (mostly because of a wonderful story involving Cole)
Into the Woods
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
The Light in the Piazza
Songs from an Unmade Bed

10 Dream Jobs:

Professor of Literature at a University
Writer for Television
Entertainment/Travel/Social Journalist
Writing TV/Movie Reviews
Pizza Delivery (I’ve always wanted to for one night)
Oprah’s Librarian
Wedding/Event Planner
Tour Guide
Matthew Morrison, Tina Fey, Anderson Cooper, Lee Pace, David Tennant, or Meryl Streep’s Personal Assistant

15 Posts I Enjoyed Writing:

The Wanderings and Delusions of a Gay Mormon Boy
Sharpening That Utah Gaydar
The “Not Gay” Man
“The Wall-E Principle”
“We Need to Talk”, Part 3
“We Need to Talk”, Part 5
I Now Pronounce Thee…, Part 4
I Now Pronounce Thee…, Part 5
I Now Pronounce Thee…, Final Part
The ‘Man Harem’ Post
Why Do We Like…?
The Experiment, Part 5
AfterMARK. Part 6
AfterMARK, Part 8
A (Very) Brief Heterosexual Dating History, Bachelorette #4

Thanks for reading.

Please let me know (via email or comment) if you have any questions or requests for future posts.


Silus Grok said...

Happy 100th!

Unknown said...

Can you explain "D.I. maniac"? Is D.I. a store?

I have friends that share many of your turnons, but they live far from you.

Chase said...

You need to have higher standards, you make me look like a complete bitch. :(

Silus Grok said...

@greenANDpurple: DI is a thrift store — stands for Deseret Industries — popular in the intermountain west.

Bravone said...

Happy 100th post! You're the man!

Grant Haws said...

Mazeltov on the 100th post!

C.J. said...

I wish I could introduce you to my best friend. He's single! Sadly, you live on opposite sides of the country :-(

seandmc said...

Congrats! Wat kind of recipes do you like to try?

Ben said...

Things from your list I especially liked: boxer-briefs, DI Maniac, and pizza-delivery. But I would NEVER buy boxer-briefs at DI. Nor would I deliver pizza wearing boxer briefs that I bought at DI. :)

Congrats on 100!

Mister Curie said...

Madame Curie and I were happy to see we made your MoHo blog list.

Anonymous said...

GMB, I am crushed. I thought you read MY blog! :)

Good luck with the grad school applications. I hope you get your dream job of being a professor of literature. You would be great!

and, hope the weather up north in your neck of the woods is warming up!

love and respect, awlays, slp

El Genio said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!

Today was the perfect cuddling day here, lots of crazy rain, cloudy skies, and cold temperatures. :/

I'm rooting for UCLA, but I'm obviously biased. Of course, I couldn't really fault you if grad school ended up being somewhere in Canada, I have always wanted to live there myself.

Paige said...

congrats on 100. i also didn't know what DI was. see, every day is a school day. i'm a big fan of the list. loved that.

ooh ooh and thanks for the link love. xxx

Cole said...

Cheers to this life-affirming blog lit up with your ambrosially penned--or typed--lines!

My most hearty congratulations to you, my favorite GMB, you darling, sensitive, funny, pragmatic, bumblingly elegant and happy soul!

Congrats on the centenary, if not in years, at least in posts!!!

Captain Midnight said...

Thanks for the shout out! I should introduce you to the writer of The Gaily Universe, he's Asian, which I noticed on your list of turn ons... haha.

Nik_TheGreek said...

Congratulations on the 100th!!!
thanks a lot for the reference!
Take care of yourself

Ryan O said...

Happy 100th :D

Here's to the next 100


A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Thanks all for the Happy 100ths!

@green and purple & Paige: The D.I. is a magical place full of old suits and used books. If you've ever seen 'Napoleon Dynamite', it's where Napoleon buys his brown suit. Very regional.

@Kurt: You'll have to see my turn off/dealbreakers list before we call anybody a bitch.

@C.J.: Well, I see myself moving for grad school. Maybe your friend's city is in my future? Haha. I'm kind of curious from what you've mentioned about him.

@boskers: interesting set of images presented there.

@me: I knew I should have expeanded to 15. Cheers!

@El Genio: I'm sure I'll post a final list of my schools when the time comes. I could use some balmy weather. (I'm going through my third winter without a summer).

@Cole: Kind words from a kind friend with good taste.

@Captain Midnight: I love meeting new people. He sounds like a fun guy.

paul said...

I hear that the University of Michigan is awesome x1000...

UToronto is fun though. I had friends there, and UMich was close enough for a weekend trip.

Ooh, if you go toronto you can go to the chalet & get chicken. Thats a big thing to think about.

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