Monday, February 22, 2010

My Life in Charts: Figure #5

So, it’s time for another cop out post. I’m preparing a pretty important application in the next week and it’s taking up more of my time than I’d considered.

Gay Marriage II

According to a recent threat assessment report by the Please Won’t You Think of the Children!? Foundation (PWYTCF), the looming threats of gay marriage are numerous (See Fig. #5).

Gay Marriage Consequences

The Feb. 22 report advises, “Save yourselves while you still can and move to one of the redder states in which textbooks clearly state that the earth is thousands of years old and your children will listen to Rush Limbaugh on the bus home from school.”


Q said...

HA! That's just fantastic...I may steal this and post somewhere....

Paige said...

love that!

C.J. said...

LOL! That's the best laugh I've had all day.

Ben said...


chedner said...

When I get married, the ice-caps are definitely gonna melt.

They'll be all, "Damn..."

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Oh, Chednar, I really wanted to say that myself but chickened out.

paul said...

I like how I am cute, and say things chedner gets credit for.

when chedner marries i will unleash my unholy judgement upon that day & destroy his family for this travesty.

Thats right cheds, 2vs1. PLUS since i'm bfffs with anastasia(we both princesses), I'll probably have the russians up on yo face.

-Evil Jungle Princess Shevs.

chedner said...

You're just saying that, PG, 'cause I kicked your fesse x100 at Capcom vs Marvel.

And it's too bad Russians love their French, 'cause I'll be all, "Il ne faut pas se battre -- vous pouvez m'appartenir aussi !" in my sexy french accent, and then I'll have me a bunch of hot Russian husbands.

(But, yeah, GMB, it was PG who said it originally, not I... je suis trompeur ...)

paul said...

Dear chedner. the only russian husband you be gettin is Rasputin.

The end.

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