Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Life in Charts: Figures #1 & #2

I’m a self-described academic and think there’s a place for humor in the form of charts. Academic life tends to warp an individual in irrecoverable ways (see PhD Comics).

Today’s theme:


Finding Mr. Right can be a difficult task, but in many ways straight women have it worse as Guggenheim suggests with Fig. #1 (see below). Although there are many exceptions to the rule, gay men have a lot going for them in the eyes of women. Fashionable, cultured, empathetic…. Perhaps we shouldn’t complain so much about dating (esp. around straight girls…. No offense, straight men out there).

The Boy Paradox

Hertzmann complicates the complex science of dateology by examining the correlation between sexual and intellectual attraction in the context of sociologically-defined relationship classifications (see Fig. #2).

The Friend Zone chart Note the limitations of the data set. The section commonly referred to as “The Friend Zone” encompasses normal interactions as well as pain and awkwardness.

Also, The “Null Set” in the upper right hand corner is a statistical impossibility:

FM(P) = Undefined

Future Mate(Perfect) does not exist.


El Genio said...

You left out the Hot/Crazy scale!

Mister Curie said...

Very funny! I love PhD comics (which are absolutely true to life) and agree with you that "academic life tends to warp an individual in irrecoverable ways."

Unknown said...

Hilarious. But the first figure leaves out that not all gay men are at the intersection of all three circles. And the null set has one member, but I'm married to him. Shockingly, he came after me, and I've far from the null set.

I enjoy your blog. I never realized how many gay Mormons or ex-Mormons there are. Or maybe they all blog and the blogsphere demographics are skewed.

Anonymous said...

I love it, GMB!

Those of us who are academics know that the warping of which you write is all-too-real. My hope is just to find someone who finds my eccentricities cute and endearing rather than completely annoying.

Ben said...

The "Boy Paradox" = hilarious! And often, but not always true.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@El Genio and boskers: More to come! Btw, I'm stealing the Hot/Crazy cycle.

@Mr. Curie & Love In: I'm glad you share my love for obscure academic humor. I'm proud to be warped

@green and purple: I'm so happy for you and your "Null Set" husband. (That would make for a very obscure nickname...). As for gay Mormon blogs, there's quite a spectrum (see I'm currently working on an annotated bibliography of sorts on acceptance, lifestyle, etc.

Anonymous said...

SO funny, yet so true. However, my straight boyfriend and me are both physically as well as intellectually attracted to each other; he is a nice, smart and good looking guy!

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