Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Life in Charts: Figure #6

Another day of slacking thanks to applications and a certain three-hour conversation.

The Gay Agenda

In reaction to yesterday’s report by the Please Won’t You Think of the Children!? Foundation (PWYTCF) on the threat Gay Marriage poses, the Queer and Loving It Group (QLIG) conducted their own poll on the motives driving GLBT political action (see Fig. #6).


“Their findings were as sinister as one might expect,” Jason Ashbury of PWYTCF stated in reaction to the findings. “Sources in the Pentagon have recently uncovered gay plots to give the Statue of Liberty a makeover, have Lady Gaga rewrite the national anthem, and make What Not to Wear part of the standard middle school curriculum. This country is in unbearable danger of becoming exceptionally queerful if these menaces aren’t stopped.”

(Sometimes I think I should write for Weekend Update on SNL).

Back to a new series tomorrow I swear. This one is entitled, Le Gars de Chocolat Chaud. How’s everybody’s French?


El Genio said...

Lady Gaga + National Anthem = Win

Anonymous said...

Mon français est assez terrible. Et, comment savez-vous parler du français? slp

Cole said...

you have way too much fun with these, GMB. that's all i'm sayin'.

Love in said...

Sorry about that "short chat," GMB :-)

Unknown said...

My French is pretty bad, but I'm curious about the three hour conversation. Do you care to share?

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@me: My French isn't great, but I get half the gist in written French.

@green and purple: As for the three-hour conversation, I don't generally discuss current developments in the blog, but this is a comment. I had a long conversation with one of your fellow commenters and I went to bed with a smile. Haha.

chedner said...

Comment est-ce qu'il m'a manqué, ce titre de ton feuilleton prochaine ?

J'adore le français, j'adore les gars, et j'adore le chocolate [noir] chaud (avec la crème chocolate à framboise).

Anonymous said...

lol ok I'm taking this post and the previous one and using it on a 2nd blog that I run

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