Wednesday, January 20, 2010

AfterMARK, Part 8

Playing with Fireworks

Weeks after our first date, Anderson and I finally found time to go on another.

Just as with Cowboy Mark, dinner and a movie seemed like a safe bet. Relatively little planning, opportunities to converse and cuddle, etc. made the date an ideal situation for two busy GMBs.

bluebird I took a courageous step and took him to a local restaurant. There was a mystique of being out in the open and on a date in public yet almost completely closeted. Was I being stupid? Impulsive? Bold? Rebellious?

No one I knew was there, but surely someone who knew me or my parents was. In a way, a novel sense of normalcy encompassed the act of going to a local restaurant in the company of couples who had frequented it for well over five decades.

In a way, we are the same, I thought. Their married, seventy-something, heterosexual dinner dates seemed just as valid as our own, and as we ordered I imagined the couple across the room doing the same thing half a century ago. His peppered mustache and hair turned jet black and her purple-tinged grey reverted to its former state—a mousy, reddish brown.

In fifty years, no one will look back on this date and turn his nose at it, I wondered as they left. Where are they were off to? Maybe home to watch the same movie or perhaps to spend the night in each other’s arms like that night I shared on the stage with Anderson?

That night, we meandered through a number of topics at dinner(although limited mostly to theatre and television), and I realized that there was an undeniable physical attraction. The sensation of his stubbled face against mine and the ever-present tone of kindness in his voice made me smile at an instant. The differences in age and intellect didn’t seem to matter as much as I thought it would.

Penelope Kiss An hour later, we found ourselves in a park watching the moon rise over the waters and the movie Penelope on my laptop. As it got cold, we retreated to my car to finish the movie.

As we watched arguably one of the most timeless kisses in cinema history (with James McEvoy—arguably one of the most handsome men of cinema history), our hearts began to pound and any conversation we had at that moment is now well-forgotten.

All I remember is his hand pressing against my cheek gently drawing me closer to his stubbled face. We both smiled briefly as we closed our eyes and I joined him in the now-reclined passenger seat.

We threw our jackets in the backseat. My arms found their way around him. He put his arms around me on the small of my back.

Starting on our sides, we turned and I found myself on top of him. I felt the warmth of his strong, slightly-calloused hands. We paused holding each other and holding ourselves back.

“We need a breather,” I said. And with that, we stopped, catching our breath and recording the moment. It was like we’d both run the hundred yard dash and collapsed on each other.

We resumed and traded places.

My hand grazed his face as we closed our eyes again and I drew his face towards mine with a slight giggle. In a few moments, we were right back to where we’d started when suddenly there was an explosion.

fireworks “GMB, you need to move.”


“Get out from under me.”

In an instant, I moved to the right side of the seat without a second thought. Balloon Pop

He stood there for a moment holding himself up above the seat momentarily. He sighed in the most subdued way he could.

“Could you hand me my jacket?”

I did and asked (in the most understanding way possible), “Did what I thought just happened really happen?”

Blushing a bright red as he tied his jacket around his waste, he nodded.

“But we weren’t even…”

“I kno—”

At that very moment we saw a bright light—not in the sky or above the lake, but in my rear view mirror. I quickly returned to my place in the driver’s seat and he took a few deep breaths.

kmvt_mgn_police_lightsRed and blue lights flashed for a moment as our hearts began to race again, then we heard a tap on my now fogged-up window.

“Sir, could I ask both of you two to step out of the vehicle. You realize you are trespassing here after dark.”

My heart was pounding just as fast as moments earlier, but for different reasons. The officer walked around the car and could read the guilt all over Anderson and the jacket tied around his waist.

I wondered what he would do. Would this become my first noted instance of discrimination for being gay?

“I’ll need to see your IDs.”

I immediately pulled out mine and saw my temple recommend peering out from behind a business card.

“Please wait in the car.”

We did (for what seemed like an eternity) in complete silence.

“Have a good night and drive safely,” he said returning our licenses, then driving off. For whatever reason, he'd let us off with a warning.

Minutes later, the night ended with a quick uneasy goodbye hug.

End, Part 8


Mister Curie said...

Wow! Sounds like quite the hot date with such difficult to control passion.

Andy said...

Dear parents got caught doing the exact same thing. Only there were trespassing in the temple parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Soo what happened with the cop?
I was hoping you would added more to that

Anyway sounds like you had fun that's nice and I know what you mean about dating someone with an age differences I'm the same with my bf

Anonymous said...

Quite the experience! You, GMB, have led a very interesting life! :)Thank you for sharing it with us. And, your descriptions of Anderson are wonderful. I am a gay woman, and I want to make out with him! LOL

El Genio said...

How scandalous! I can't believe you actually parked... and then got caught doing it!

whycanti16 said...

Aww!! Thats too cute!!!


A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Mr. C: That about sums it up.

@Andy: That's hilarious. Of all places to get busted!

@Ethan: The cop just let us off with a warning. It didn't really work out with Anderson, but age differences can be very unimportant.

@slp: I have led an interesting life the past year and a half.

@El Genio: What can I say? I think I learned my lesson: park in more discreet places. :D

whycanti16: Thanks.

Q said...

OMGosh - Amazing. I see you used the Bluebird as a pic - did you guys actually eat there - I used to work there - MISS IT SO MUCH - not really working there, but the food is amazing. Next time you go have a Monte Carlo Sandwich for me!

Poor Anderson - that's got to be a bit embarrassing...then to have the cops show up....I'll say it again Amazing.

Looking forward to Part 9...

Anonymous said...

That sucks that things didn't work out but yes age doesn't matter to me anymore (to an extent of course)

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Q: That's exactly where the date started. We were on the first floor in the dining room just off the main area. As for Anderson, it was embarrassing and made worse by the fact that I told my best friend.

Cole said...

I have to admit, I did make it worse for poor, pec-ish Anderson. The day after I wheedled this particular story out of GMB, I did make some fleeting, sarcarstic and (probably) inappropriate remark about the "fireworks" to Anderson, who instantly turned bright red. He now ducks every time he sees me in the hallway between the practice room and the costume shop (we're in neighboring programs at the same university)).

Q said...

@GMB - Oh, the Pioneer Room! I once had a polygamist family in there - they filled the ENTIRE room! Oh, the memories.

@Cole - You naughty boy! I have to admit I usually play the role with friends too - high five on being the inappropriate one!

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