Wednesday, January 13, 2010

AfterMARK, Part 2

It’s not complicated, but it’s getting there fast

There we were on the couch.  He’d invited me over to watch movies at his place.  When I got there, an interesting smell was in the air. 

I’ve always considered Jack an interesting person.  A conglomerate of characteristics I wouldn’t necessarily put together.  As I mentioned, he was sarcastic but sweet.  His talents were equally diverse; he could tell me the what macros were on computers and explain the best way to prepare chocolate mousse.

Which brings me back to the story at hand.  The warm and creamy aroma of cheesecake.   My weakness had taken wing and waited on the coffee table in front of the television.  His roommate and the neighbors all came over for a piece, but left us to the sofa alone as our movie began.  It was clear he’d put a lot of effort into the night.


Jack’s interest in foreign film intrigued me (as did his wits for technology and cooking) and he offered to share with me his collection of French language (Francophone) films with me.  His eyes lit up as he explained to me the plot.  It was the first time he’d ever looked at me so directly in the eye.

“Imagine say a tiny mining town in Utah—there’s one industry and it drives the whole town.  Move that town with all of its odd people and stories to Quebec and make it a fishing village.  The industry begins to fail, so they decide to trick a doctor into moving to the village in order to be considered for new development and jobs.”

I raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

eyebrow raise

“You don’t look convinced.  They do all sorts of wacky things like tap his phone to find out his favorite sports, teams, foods, etc. so that they can provide him the perfect place.”

“Now that sounds funny.”

Alone, the lights dimmed, the curtains pulled, we began to watch the movie (Seducing Dr. Lewis). 

Not-so-suddenly, the game had begun.  The is he/will he/ should he game.  We were friends.  But could we be anything more than friends?

An inch at a time, he made his way across the couch to me.  Is this really happening? I asked myself.  What should I do?  Am I even into him? Was liking all of those things about him—his love of foreign film, fine cuisine, technology, and wit—the same as liking Jack?

In an instant, I left behind a few of my countless inhibitions and returned the signals, opening my palm to his.  He took it and he drew closer.  

hands couch

We spent the night cuddling and left it at that.   I talked about how wonderful Canada was in real life and how I felt like life was turning around for me.  He talked about his accepting family and their trials, and the recent romantic disappointment he'd had with his roommate.  We left it at that.  A good night.  A good movie.  And a good conversation.  No goodnight kiss.  Nothing I wasn’t ready for….or so I thought.

Waking up the next morning, I panicked as if I’d done something on a drunken whim. 

End, Part 2.

Clue: The title of the series falls under the category of reference.  Pay attention to the capitalization.


Aaron said...

I have just started reading your blog but as far as I can tell, Mark is a guy you were in love with or you have dated is that right?

And at least you had a good night, if anything else. :)

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Yeah. 'Mark' was my first boyfriend. Here's a link to our back story:
The most important entry is probably '50 Days of Mark'.

Good perspective. It was a good night.

Andy said...

GMB, I just love reading your blog. Love it, love it, love it! You are a fantabulous writer! I am eager to know the rest of this series.

Mister Curie said...

Thanks for sharing your dating stories. You have a very entertaining writing style and it's fun to read about your experiences.

Madame Curie said...

That was a cool story! I'm so curious to see where it goes, your foreshadowing is incredible...

Nik_TheGreek said...

I also enjoy very much the way you write. I've been enjoying your Jack story so far. It seems though that it will evolve into a horor story soon...

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Thanks, all for the kind words. As Nik_TheGreek pointed out, something is looming on the horizon. Either I'll come off totally normal in this next one or a real jerk.

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