Friday, May 14, 2010

My Favorite Things #5


So, if any of you know me on facebook you’ve probably registered my excitement for the newest TV-DVD release. Daria is on it’s way to my home from Amazon, and I’ve got to celebrate somehow.

In high school, I remember discovering it and watching it with Nate and Chenese. It got rather awkward when the subject of sex came up explicitly. We all looked around, blushed and switched it to a different episode.

Also, there were times in which (as a brunette with glasses) people would make reference to me as a “male Daria.” To think, I considered that as much a compliment as when people (okay one person) call me a “male Tina Fey.”


Yay for brunettes with glasses.


paul said...

haha omg there were daria episodes on tv last week for the release. if you ordered the full series from the website you got a t-shirt and some swag for $40.

I used to watch daria in elementary & still remember the mall episode. I watched the entire series online freshman year of college and found out that daria was not on dvd. it took them 3 years.

Ah daria.

BookChic said...

Hey, I found your blog via Lee Wind's post on Glee and I love your blog story series Sonrisa and I'm Not That Boy (though I haven't yet finished the latter).

I absolutely love Daria and got the DVD set at Best Buy for like $29 on its release day. I haven't had time yet to do a marathon viewing, so I'm only on the second episode. I'm looking forward to watching more this weekend. That's so cool you love it too!!

Anyway, gotta go- graduation to go to!

Q said...

i <3 daria. i've been told I'm the perfect mix of daria & quinn. take that as you will...

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@pfg: That is awesome. I wish I got a t-shirt. I already finished rewatching the series.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@BookChic: 1st, I love Lee's blog. I appreciated your comment on that post as well.

Thanks so much for commenting on the format of my stories. It's easy to procrastinate, but I think it adds a lot to the story by telling it in segments.

Congrats on graduation.

@Q: I shall now call you Quinaria!

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