Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Favorite Things #3

Cole asked me a very interesting thing the other night:

“GMB, why aren’t you a Mac user?”

Under the assumption that most ecologically-friendly, socially-conscious, artistic people are Mac friendly, his inquiry made some sense. My liberal guilt has called into question my devotion to my poor PC many a time.

That said, there is one thing that keeps me going with my 3-year old Dell laptop:

Windows Live Writer


It may sound silly, but the interface of this blogging program is perfect for me and parting with it would be like saying goodbye to 30 Rock. My workplace has already offered to lend out a new Macbook, but I still can’t make the jump. Perhaps I’m misinformed or my research on the topic is lacking, but all the equivalent tools for Macs seem to be less intuitive or otherwise lacking.

Those of you on PCs and serious about blogging, I highly recommend it and those of you on Macs feel free to attempt to persuade me to join the dark side.


El Genio said...

I'm pretty basic when it comes to my blogging tools. I doubt you'll find anything that exactly replicates your current software, but there are some that come close. That said, eight hours of battery life can be a huge factor. ;)

TGD said...

I just type the text in MS Word and throw it up there when I have something coherent. I don't need a tool.

Also, the entire ecologically-friendly, socially-conscious, artistic people use Mac is a Myth created by marketing. And business and engineering is just as ecologically-friendly, socially-conscious, artistic as anyone else.

Macs are used for engineering tasks just as much as PeeCees are used for artistic tasks.

I write, blog, photoshop, and compose and record music on my PC.

At work I write software for scheduling satellite down-links that all run on MacMini's and Mac Servers.

I don't get the marketing that Mac is for artsy things and PC are for "serious" stuff.

Meh, I say. Meh!

Isaac said...

It's also less "gay" to use PCs, because they are somehow more "straight"?

I love the flexibility of PC, even if I have to dig a little to find the setting I want to change. I've found that Macs are far less customizable to my needs.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@El Genio: You know I was inviting me to become a mac man. Haha.

@TGD: Agreed on the issue of marketing. I've been raised on a PC and have plenty of computer quirks (like using the paragraph and formatting markings in Word).

@Isaac: I'd be interested in some stats. I tend to believe that more gays use Macs, but Apple-ese is still a foreign language to me.

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