Saturday, May 22, 2010

Man Harem Inductee #2

Neil Patrick Harris

Even though he was on Glee this week, this honor is a long time coming for the former Dr. Doogie Howser. He’s stuck in my mind ever since hosting the Emmy Award Ceremony last September.

I guess what sticks out is his smirky smile, renaissance-man talent, and sense of humor.


Also, I really fell for a very handsome, soft-spoken young man earlier this year who looked a lot like him (only nerdier). I didn’t make the connection until afterwards, but it really drew up a red flag:

“GMB has a crush on NPH!”


El Genio said...

So I was at home today discussing how exciting it was to have a song from Le Mis on Glee when little sister showed me the following clip of NPH. If you haven't seen it, I thought it was hilarious:

Rich said...

All I have to say is this: I definately would never kick NPH out of my bed for getting cookie crumbs on the sheets!

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@El Genio: OMGosh! That was amazing. That clip made me very happy.

@Gay Mormon: For me the problem is getting him in my bed... not kicking him out!

Walking or Waking? said...

Hold on, NPH was Dougie Houser, MD? Are you serious? I had no idea, I was under the impression that he was born in a flash of light, wearing a white coat and thick lab gloves singing about defeating his nemesis, Captain Hammer.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@The Watcher: I almost bought that movie just for him the other day. If you tell me it's good, I think I'll be kicking myself. To see him on film, I may just have to wait for him in the Smurf movie.

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