Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Experiment, Part 7

The Canucks

Halifax_at_night There I was in the big city. Not only would I have no one to please or appearances to keep. I would have a world of urban opportunities open to me. Museums, public transportation, night life, etc.

These last couple of days were going to be casual. None of my plans were pressing or quite as directly related to my research topic, so I had some time to go out and have fun. But what did fun mean without social expectations? Where was I going to find this fun?

To answer that question, I went to the desk at the place I was staying and started up a conversation with the guy at the desk. Eric was tall, pretty masculine looking, and really confident. I asked about the campus and if anything was going on since it was summer. A few events came up and then we started talking about me and home.

“Yeah. Utah’s a pretty boring place. There’s a lot of outdoor stuff, but it’s a kind of suffocating atmosphere.”

“What do you mean, GMB?”

“It’s bland. Very little diversity. It’s nice to be somewhere different.”

“Makes sense.”

Our conversation was interrupted. A cute young man with dark features, a prominent nose, and a winning smile appeared at the door.

“Hey, Geri. This is GMB. He’s here a couple of days from Utah.”

“Nice to meet you, GMB”

The second he opened his mouth, I thought He’s so gay…. Score!

“What are you up to tonight?” Eric asked.” We’ve got to do something. It’s Friday.

“I don’t know,” said Geri. “Maybe a movie?”

“Anything but Mamma Mia. My moms said it wasn’t very good. Plus, I don’t think I can stand a musical tonight.”

Moms? I thought. This definitely isn’t Utah.

“You just had a bad experience when you were dating Mark.”

“Mark?” I said, “That’s my ex’s name.” (It was the easiest coming out ever).

“When you came through that door for the first time,” Eric said, “I turned to the girl with me at the desk and said ‘He’s either gay or American.’ Little did I know you’d turn out to be both!” We all had a good laugh.

“Why don’t you join us?” Geri suggested.

I wasn’t about to pass up the invitation of two seasoned gay boys. I had so much I wanted to learn and experience. They, too, had questions about the gay life in Utah at dinner.

“You’re honestly telling me you’re a virgin? You don’t smoke, you’ve never drank, and you’ve never even been to a gay club? That’s it. We’re going to Reflections tonight after we hit the bar. We have to get this boy educated,” Eric said.

“I don’t know,” Geri said. “Is this really something you’d want to do, GMB? You’re new meat and the guys will be all over you.”

“Why not? Everyone needs a first time.”

“Okay,” he said, “we’ll flank you so nobody assaults you.”

“Tonight, we’re your decoy dates. Whenever somebody tries to hit on you, one of us will be there to help.”

Lower Deck

A few minutes later, we made our way to The Lower Deck, a bar on the waterfront. I got inline and showed my ID for the first time ever. After a brief holdup (my ID's didn’t look like the pre-mission me at all), we made our way inside. It was just like the movies.

I found the cacophony of loud conversations scattered across the bar hall oddly mystifying. Friends of twenty years or more gathered for a conversation in the corner. Four forty-somethings on a double date. The performing band’s spouses sitting together scoping the crowds reactions.

Geri and Eric got in line to order drinks.

“Enjoying yourself?” Geri asked.

“It’s crazy. I love it.”

“I’d offer you a pint, but I know you don’t.”

Seeing a friend, he excused himself and went off to chat after I asked him where the bathrooms were. I came and returned.

“Hey, Eric. I’m ba—”

Just then, a random woman interrupted us. “Hey, handsome. What are you doing tonight?” she asked, grabbing my butt for a feel.

I was in shock. Was this what sexual harassment felt like?

Eric quickly came over, grabbed my hand and kissed me on the cheek. “Great, hun, we’re almost to the front of the line.”

The woman apologized profusely. “I had no idea. I’m so sorry!… You two are so cute together.” Eric and I kept a straight face until she was out of sight and we busted up.

Leaning over to me, he whispered, “I bet that never happens in Utah!”

End, Part 7.


Andy said...

I am really interested to see what happens next. I can't believe that woman just grabbed your butt like that! Haha! Wow. I would probably freak out if that ever happened to me. Although, was she cute? lol

Silus Grok said...

I'm really enjoying this series … but I have one complaint: Utah's BORING?! Oh, sweetie, you're not doing it right, then.


A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Andy: Nope. Definitely not cute.

@Silus: Agreed. I've gained some perspective since then about Utah. (This took place in Aug. '08).

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