Monday, December 7, 2009

My First Fruit Fly

Finals approached.

It was time to de-stress and complain to each other about the load we’d taken on for the semester. Slightly infatuated with my friend Toni, I enthusiastically accepted an invitation to met him for lunch one day. I rushed from my office to meet up with him at the food court.

As we sat down, he introduced me to two of his closest friends.

“This is Lena. She’s finishing up her degree in business. And this is my best friend, Lila. She’s studying psychology, so be careful what you say because she might analyze you to dea—”

“Hey!” She interrupted as I shook her hand. She glared at him a little in that just-between-friends manner, which he ignored in the same manner. We all laughed a little and moved on. The conversation turned from complaining about finals and class work to complaints about boys.

I realized at that moment I was discussing my dating life in a public place and not afraid at all.

Everyone discussed their respective drama as Lena jokingly concluded, “All of the good ones are gay. They know how to dress and they’re sensitive. Why do they do this to us?”

To which Lila replied, “Without them, though, we wouldn’t have the other fabulous things in life—shoes, music, Gilmore Girls, Shakespeare, …”

It was pretty obvious at that point that we were going to be great friends. In less than a month, we were hanging out on a weekly basis, sitting on the couch together at parties mocking the drunk people, and exchanging witty comebacks about each other’s dating foibles (just like Rory and Lorelai).


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