Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Man Harem Inductee #3

I admit it, I came across one of my man-crushes in the headlines today at work, which led to a Google search, which led to some ogling of this eye candy:

James Franco

I guess a gay role in Milk got him some attention. I can only imagine why....

The man can also make me laugh. The Jammie Shuffle SNL sketch really caught my attention. Let's just add adorable and funny to the list now.

Speaking of funny...

He was featured in one of THE best 30 Rock episodes of the season. Here he is with his alleged lover. No, not Liz Lemon/Tina Fey (which would be too much sexy for this planet to handle), but rather his Japanese body pillow named Kimiko. I guess they were poking fun at some rumored "rumors" in this episode.

In my ogling, I learned about dear James' acceptance to the English PhD program at Yale for the Fall 2010 class. That's enough reason to go, right?

I've already drafted a Statement of Purpose:

Dear Yale Graduate Studies Committee:

In my search for an appropriate English Ph.D Program, I feel that Yale has the most to offer me and provides a unique and unignorably perfect fit.

No, it's not because of my test scores or areas of interest (so to speak), but rather because my soul mate, the one and only James Franco, is currently enrolled at your university. Although Rutgers and Columbia have similarly suitable programs for me, I know that Yale is the place for me.


A Gay Mormon Boy


Chuck said...

Okay 3 comments.
First, James Franco is amazing in every movie or show that he does.
Second, The Jammie Shuffle is my favorite SNL sketch ever! I'm so glad you mentioned it.
And yes, Tina Fey is too sexy for the world to handle, and 30 Rock is the most outstanding show on television.
Love them, and love the posts.

shaantvis said...

James Franco is pretty damn sexy in Milk. Just saying.

Phunk Factor said...

I saw him for the first time in Spider Man 3 and thought he was just another very very pretty face....yea sure, he had chops fr acting bt the movie didn't get to him properly till the 3rd part...where he died (Hope I didn't leave ne1 a spoiler)

I saw him first time in Milk as well...and bam bam bam, instant liking!!

Haven't seen him in 30 Rock cuz i don't watch that i'm going to be checking out the SNL sketch u wrote about!

P.S. No fair...your taking all the good ones!

C.J. said...

Now, this inductee I agree with. James Franco is, indeed, hot. Seen Annapolis? It's pretty lame, but in a fun way (not like THHI 2, which I wrote a post about that was, in all probability, amusing only to me). Plus, you can see Franco prancing around in uniform pants. Yay!!!

Rob said...

And check out Fly Boys, IMHO an unjustifiably neglected movie about World War I with Franco as leading man.

Unknown said...

If you like him, check out his little brother! Even better!

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Chuck: Agreed. Agreed. Agreed.

@Shaantvis: Of all of the gay movies, that's one I really need to see.

@Phunk Factor: Speaking of Spiderman, they're making a new movie with a new Spiderman. Check this out: Yay Spiderman and Doctor Who!

@C.J. and Rob: More movies to see for my list along with Milk.

@Quinn: Guess who's next to be inducted. Hehe.

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