Monday, June 28, 2010

MoHo Map

I and Horizon are pleased to announce the launch of a new MoHo resource to those of you who blog as well as those of you who read anonymously.

The second of my two big announcements today": is a new website designed to address the needs of MoHos. The main feature of the site is an interactive map created to get us past the hugest fallacy all of us have faced at one point or another: “You are alone.”


The truth of the matter is there are thousands of MoHos out there and the mission of this website is to make sure that every LGBT Mormon who encounters this website will know that he/she has brothers and sisters across the country and around the world.

At launch, twenty-five MoHos from Portland to Pittsburgh have volunteered their locations and other information and we encourage anyone who’d like to enhance this sense of community to follow the directions under the “How to Join” tab. Participants can share as much or as little information as they’d like.

Though the initial scope of this site is small, we see many possibilities for this site. One might use it to form a network of friends within your region, seek out men and women with similar stances on the issues we face, organize events, and share help not otherwise offered through the sites listed on our “Resources” page.

Everyone is invited to contribute: active or excommunicated, doubtful or decided, Elders Quorum President or agnostic.

Feel free to contact us at and with any questions and/or suggestions.


Cole said...

A hearty thank you to you, GMB, and your partner in crime, Horizon.

I remember when I thought I was the only one and so kept my mouth shut until you came out to me in my old car in the canyon on the way to see some friends. Knowing that someone I loved shared similar anxieties and joys was such a pure comfort. I hope that any reader of these blogs will feel the same kind of comfort and safety net.

Best, and I've already become a follower. :D

C.J. said...

There should be an option for friends of MoHos to join, too! Another myth, apart from "you are alone" in the sense of "nobody else is in your boat" is the myth that "you are alone", because nobody supports your choices. Not true! Many of us aren't gay, but have friends and family members who are, or, you know, we just aren't raging homophobes with our heads stuck up our butts. Unfortunately, we don't wear signs identifying ourselves. Although maybe we should start. That's something to think about...

Cole said...

@ C.J.-- And, my oh my, how we thank God for our friends and allies. I don't know what GMB and I (or the rest of us gay boys) would do without our Serenity's, our Bronson's, our Emily's and our Jacqueline's.

We love you.

@GMB -- Follow C.J.'s advice, ok?

Horizon said...

Thanks for the love, guys. We have worked hard on it.

To address your suggestion, we are actually working on a way to include friends at the moment, probably with a different looking pin on the map.

So stay tuned because that feature is on its way along with others. Thanks for confirming that it was a good idea!

C.J. said...

Thanks! I wish I could do more, though, like attack offenders with an electric cattle prod. My mom actually started passing out cards and buttons to people who made homophobic remarks, containing witty explanations of why they were wrong. Myself, I usually go for the "let me explain, in lurid detail, why you're a huge donkey butt" route.

Fundraising idea: create an effigy of a favorite homophobe (the recent posts about Our Favorite Glutton inspired me), and auction off a way to get rid of it. The proceeds could go to the Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project, or something. Yes, OK, I'm strange...

Sophrosyne said...

I also plan to register as a friend.

I guess I should have introduced myself if I haven't by now. I've read every post on your blog. I have a few friends who are gay, including one MoHo. I found some old emails of mine back in 2006. I was firmly supportive of the Church's positions on homosexuality at the time. My mind was primarily changed through reading my friend's blog. I saw that my friend and his partner were just normal people. They didn't have some evil 'agenda'. They were just people. It changed everything when I realized that.

Austin Smith said...

Great idea, and here's another friend/ally who would gladly sign up!

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Cole: Thanks for the kind words. I know we didn't discuss this, but things aligned before I could share the scope of the project.

@C.J.: Thanks. We'll have an allies feature up and running fairly soon. It just requires a bit more time than we have at the moment.

@Sophrosyne and austin: Awesome. Thanks for letting me know there's one more supportive voice out there. Keep an eye here and on the map and we'll have that feature available in 2-3 weeks is my guess.

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