Thursday, June 17, 2010

MoHo Cameos

As a literary geek, I'm fascinated by words in all their forms. Street signs, television scripts, formal poems, etc.

I've been blessed in my education with a wealth of research experience and a vocabulary to discuss phenomena in media. The difference between assonance, consonance, and alliteration might not mean a lot to you, but it sure does to me. (I won't bore you with an explanation at the moment).

That said, there are plenty of other helpful concepts that I don't think you'd mind me sharing and one of those is intertextuality, which according to the OED is:

"The need for one text to be read in the light of its allusions to and differences from the context or structure of other texts; the (allusive) relationship between esp. literary texts."

As many of you involved in the MoHoSphere have noted, it's a small world. Everybody seems to know everyone or be one or two bloggers removed. As a result, it's interesting to examine the connections and influences of blogs on and between one another. For instance, one might run into two different accounts of the same dates by two different bloggers.

I'll spare you any more technical analysis for the moment and note two instances of what I'll term "MoHo Cameos." Instead I leave you some impressions and observations and an uncharacteristically disjointed post:

One of the first instances was my second encounter with boskers, who I've come to appreciate as a methodical thinker who's gone through many of the same processes that I have. In a post referencing our meeting at a MoHo party (a monthly get together for gay Mormons/ex-Mormons). I brought my best friend "Cole" and was fascinated by the extension of his pseudonym onto another blog.

More recently (as in yesterday), Moving Horizons shared the impressions of our face-to-face meeting (his first with a fellow MoHo). The implications of his post on the concreteness (and its subsequent parts) brought to homosexuality by interacting in the flesh is probably more interesting than my wondering about how the two blogs will interact textually as a result. It's a good post I recommend (not out of my own vanity).


Mister Curie said...

Fascinating. Of course, in noting a couple of examples of MoHo cameos, you neglected to mention the April Fool's Post put on by you and BB, who's name continues to make a cameo appearance at the top of your blog. ;)
In addition to alternative viewpoints of the same date or event (such as Pride Day), the MoHoSphere regularly has cascades of posts on similar subjects (often doctrinal) as each blogger weighs in with their viewpoints.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Mr. Curie. I think I'll be reshaping my views of the MoHo cameo a bit more over time.

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