Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Does Maggie Gallagher Head NOM?

NOM LogoAs many of you are aware, one of my mortal enemies is the head of a somewhat significant anti-gay organization. Maggie heads the National Organization for Marriage (also referred to as NOM). She may not have brains or looks, but she does have a zombie army of followers bent on the prevention of equality for LGBT citizens.

Maggie's Army

Well, in thinking about the organization’s acronym, NOM, I discovered something recently. We now turn to Sesame Street for this lesson:

The Maggie Monster

This all boils down to a childish form of gluttony. Cookie monster may like to chomp down on his cookies, but he had to learn to share. He even enjoyed sharing in the end. In a simplistic way, all these people need to do is learn to share the joys of marriage. It’s not like there’s a pressing need to gobble it all up for themselves, despite any impression Maggie might give otherwise.

Maggie HUNGRY!!

Thanks to my bf Chedner for that last photo. Photoshop is amazing.


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So I absolutely love this post, and the other Gallagher posts. :) They brighten my day.

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