Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why is Maggie Gallagher So Mad at the Gays?

This explains so much. How many people really do have one bad experience and let that be what guides their actions towards LGBT individuals for the rest of their lives?


Anonymous said...

I am confused, GMB. In your profile, about you, it has you, Moving Horizons, and Beloved Boyd all listed. Are you ALL three of these people?

C.J. said...

I'm not sure it's that, but simple lack of ever having met a GLBT person. Apparently they are supposed to identify themselves by wearing funny hats. My Homophobic Relative said, the other day--this being a general continuation of the whole "you're a raging homophobe" fight--"there were no gay people when I was your age". Uh huh.

I think people are threatened by their GLBT neighbors for one simple reason: they are insecure in their own identities. Um, I know many GLBT folks, and hanging out with them has never caused me to question whether I'm straight. I'm me, and they're them.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@this blog author: Good question. I've given these bloggers authorship rights as we redesign my blog and add a very special feature. (I'm slightly computer illiterate).

@C.J.: I think you're spot on with the insecurity point. We won't change somebody's morals or somebody's sexuality simply by being in the same room with them.

And if your relative wants to find out how long homosexuality's been around, there are several books on that which would make excellent Christmas gifts. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, GMB, for clarifying. I was confused. I THOUGHT this may have been what you did, as you explained, but I did not know. ;)Good luck with your new feature and design. I, too, am VERY computer illiterate!

Hope it is not too hot for you up north. It is sweltering here down south! I need some Arctic cooling down! :)

Love and respect, always.

Happy day!

BB said...

I thought you were going to have alt text? where is my beloved alt text?

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