Wednesday, June 2, 2010

GMB-1, America Forever-0

I've blogged about America Forever before and I'm proud to announce it seems we've won. Chatting with Romulus about West Valley City and Logan's anti-discrimination ordinances, we discovered that as of Friday or earlier the little group is no longer in business:

Now, what I'm wondering is what they mean by "unspeakable circumstances." Tax fraud? FCC complaints? Principles presented by Darwin? Libelous hate speech?

Whatever the case, I'm considering this a victory and celebrating with a little purchase. Big Love Season 3, anyone?


Scott said...

My guess is that one of their higher-ups got caught coming out of a gay bar or taking a male prostitute on vacation with him (to "carry his luggage").

That seems to be the usual pattern with the stridently homophobic. :)

(And they would certainly consider that an "unspeakable circumstance")

C.J. said...

"Unspeakable circumstances" = "nobody agrees with me and my fragile ego can't handle it".

robert said...


Chase said...

I just bought big love season 3. such a perfect show.

Also just had to type "wantu" to comment.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Scott: Haha. Maybe they caught dear old Sandra at Paper Moon in SLC. You don't hear of too many lesbian scandals....

@C.J.: Based on their grammar and appearance, I'm not sure they could sustain much of an ego.

@robert: Oh happy day!

@Kurt: Watched the first two eps. last night. So good.

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