Friday, November 13, 2009

Shame on You, America Forever

Today at work, I saw a colleague in tears over a hateful fax that was sent across the state of Utah today in reaction to the LDS church’s newly-proclaimed stance on non-discrimination laws.

The fax in question (visible here) spewed racism, libel, and downright hatred, preying on the weak-minded suggesting that “[e]ndorsing these lifestyles to the young of tender ages confuses them and causes violence to their mind, body and spirit.” (which I found on a list of Utah’s tax-exempt organizations) claims to have sent out 80,000 copies of the ignorantly-worded and shoddily-crafted document.

I am proud of my ex-boss who, upon receiving this fax, phoned these people up and announced to them that “[e]very time I receive a piece of hate with your name on it, I am going to donate $50 to Equality Utah.” I encourage everyone to take a stand and do something. Call these people (801.508.5380) and tell them you won’t stand for hate or email a complaint with the FCC (

Thanks for listening. Hate is definitely one thing that should never be tolerated.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Are you freaking kidding me? That is awful! I really.....I'm just speechless.

Kristina said...

Wow, good for your ex-boss!
Those people have no compassion.

Good to be Free said...

I am very grateful that we were able to get away from that kind of crap. Only in Utah. (or the south I guess)

B. L. Cook said...

I heard about what your ex-boss did. She is amazing at times like this.

I was in the GLBTA office when the fax was received. Everyone there was in shock, really...

Robert said...

I don't even know what to say! That fax left me with few words I could say out loud without having to rinse my mouth out with soap! What the (#@*@)$*$? It's actually scary that there are such groups out there that are filled with ignorance, hatred, and initiative to do stuff. Consider my call made and my email sent. Ciao.

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