Friday, April 2, 2010

An Open Letter to Stephenie Meyer

Dear Stephenie—

Thank you for being a part of our little joke yesterday. One quick look at your busy calendar will show remind you that yesterday was April 1, and even though you didn’t have any involvement or consent in yesterday’s buffoonery, we’re grateful for your guest appearance.

While I might not agree with many of your young fans on the merit of your literature, it’s clear it’s made an impact. At the very least, you’ve gotten several girls (and young gay men) to pick up a book even if it’s left them with certain delusions regarding love and potentially violent relationships. Although the sentiment of “Love conquers all” is a nice one, these young women (and men) would likely be better off in a relationship without the possibility of being eaten or losing a limb or being scarred somehow.

Perhaps you should take our little joke seriously. I think gay men have a lot to offer to your fiction. (And, no, that’s not a jab at your outfit, Stephenie). There is as much wrong with gay men as there is with straight men, but let’s face it: there’s a general tenderness that need not be tamed, an empathy that heals hearts’ wounds, and a confidence straight men can’t offer because our aims are simply different.

Had Bella had a gay BFF to talk her down from her vamp-chasing ways, I realize it wouldn’t have made for a great story, but it would definitely save many Twilight superfans a few relationship therapy sessions down the road. Those are just my two cents.




Phunk Factor said...

I think Bella needs 5 minutes alone with Sassy Gay Friend!

Max Power said...

Bella with a gay BFF? You mean kind of like this?

Anonymous said...

She serioulsy needs a stylist.

And I love the part about potentially violent relationships. haha. Oh so true.

Im waiting for Bella and Edward to start smacking eachother around in the next film.

elegantnodes said...

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A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Phunk Factor: Good idea. He should def. have his own youtube channel.

@Max Power: Thanks for the link!

@Konrad: I was doing my best not to be catty, but when I saw that dress I started to think, "This is a fashion crime." I'm getting gayer by the day....

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