Saturday, April 17, 2010

All American Dinner

Recently, a guy I’ve been dating teased me about being white, so I’ve been in “What White People Like” mode. We jokingly came up with tater tot casserole, so the first chance I got I made it, and that was for a very special gathering involving Emily, Jacqueline, Bronson, and Cheryl—who had some wonderful news. Those of you who know the couple should ask them….

The night was a success, and those of you who did not attend really missed out on conversation, Carol Burnette clips, and this:


Below are some photos from the preparation of the Duggar Family Recipe (halved of course to feed about six adults).

2 lb ground turkey cooked, seasoned, drained
3 2lb bags tater tots
2 cans cream of mushroom
2 cans evaporated milk
2 cans cream of chicken
Brown meat & place in large cass. dish.
Cover with tater tots. Mix soup & milk together.
Pour over top. Bake at 350 for 1 Hour.
(One of Daddy’s Favorites!) Makes 2- 9”X13” pans

Some random notes on the recipe:

I substituted everything I could for low fat, and it turned out a little bland. We decided that what’s lacking are vegetables and spices, so we did a little experimentation. It’s really good with peas. I’d also consider broccoli.

My ex, Mark the Missionary, was fascinated by these shows, esp. John and Kate Plus Eight, so memories of our discussions there popped up as I bought the ingredients.


El Genio said...

That recipe looks highly, HIGHLY suspicious.

Rob said...

With all due respect, ewwwww.

And don't get me started on the Duggars.

Mister Curie said...

My mom always makes tater tot casserole with either green beans or corn (but don't mix the two).

Anonymous said...

Um so yeah the food doesn't look all that good to me sorry

"Recently, a guy I’ve been dating "

You have a bf now and you talk about this -cough- food? Or am I seeing things b/c of the lack of sleep?

Horizon said...

Nothing personal, but I think I would rather eat a KFC Double Down. Now if they were SONIC tater tots...

Anonymous said...

Why do all Mormon recipes incorporate Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup? What's up with the Jell-O desserts, too? As a lapsed convert, I find this mystifying.

While we're in the cooking mood... When I was 10 and pre-LDS, I would brown pork chops and add a can of Campbell's CoM. DEEEE-LISH...

Ben said...

Thanks for thoroughly ridding me of my appetite. :)

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@El Genio: It was.

@Rob: Ewww meets double ewww there.

@Mr. Curie: That would have been an improvement.

@Ethan: You are a perceptive one. I will say that there's nothing exclusive yet. I'm not one to jump into anything, but I think there's a possibility. Hehe.

@Anonymous: It is a curious thought. I like those fond memories of cooking as a kid.

@boskers: You know where to send any friends who need to go on a diet. Haha.

Anonymous said...

You are a sneak is what you are GMB

A smart one too. You put that in to a post that some people may say ewww and you slid in the word bf at the beginning so no one would remember it.

Also I want to point out that I did ask if you had a bf at one point in your post so I think that helped too lol :P

Well good luck and I can't wait to hear more

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