Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bella’s Gay BFF

Again, because of a lack of time, and because I’m having fun with Twilight spoof’s again, I’ve decided to feature the video Max Power shared in his comment into an actual post.

I’m sure that were Taylor Lautner’s character actually gay like in the video, there would be much more appeal. Again, Stephenie, there’s an entire market you’re ignoring. Just push him out of the closet and you’ll make another million.

(Geez, that sounded a little like a hostage negotiation).


Phunk Factor said...

Hahahahaha....I loved your closing comments more than the video itself!

chedner said...

I also enjoyed the closing comments more than the video.

You are, indeed, a goof-ball.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Thanks, Chedner and Phunk Factor. You would know I'm a goof ball now, wouldn't you....

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