Monday, June 28, 2010


One year ago, this all began in a tiny village in Chile. It’s true and I’ll get around to explaining how it all happened, but for now the important part is that I’m still here and feel like I’ve grown a lot as a writer. Not losing those skills was a major goal of mine following graduation from college.

The first of my major announcements today is a couple of new concepts I’ve developed in writing this blog.

The first concept is “Live Revise.”

Live Revise

Imagine being able to see an author revise his/her book in front of your eyes. In a matter of weeks, I plan to have that option open to you as I take my series posts and revise them into the chapters of a book (a long and complicated process that I’m just beginning, mind you). Using Adobe’s Buzzword, I plan to grant you all access to a book version of the blog. (BTW—don’t take this as a sign I’ve found a publisher or anything, although if you’d like to find me one, by all means…).

At present, basic formatting isn’t up to par and my current blog template isn’t all that agreeable with inserting a reader, so look forward to that ‘innovation.’

The second concept is “Spiral Staircase Narrative.”


The structure of this blog is unique in that it is all set roughly a year in the past. As I approach year two of the blog, I will build upon year one in some very vital aspects. For instance, one of my greatest romantic disappointments came as I was writing about my breakup with my first boyfriend. My allusions to the blog will shed light on the process as the writing builds upon itself in a very unconventional sense. When year three rolls around, it will built upon year two building upon year one and so forth.

At the very least, I hope this will provide some literary theorist a good smirk.

Keep posted for announcement number two which has the potential to affect the entire MoHo community.


Phunk Factor said...

Seriously hope you keep coming up with stuff....i've been meaning to read a few of your posts but haven't found time...will be getting to it soon!!

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

I know what it's like not having enough time to read other bloggers' stuff. It doesn't hope that my posts are often 800 words....

BookChic said...

Yeah, I'm just now catching up on all your posts. They just pile up in my Google Reader!

Also, that's awesome that our blogoversaries are just a few days apart. :) Mine is June 23. Happy belated blogoversary!

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