Thursday, December 10, 2009

Laugh of the Day #2

I (Heart) Twilight… NOT

As you all know, I am a HUGE fan of Stephanie Meyer…bashing. 

Here are a few links and pics that friends have shared with me:

#1 New Moon in 3 Panels


More wolfmen, less mood.

#2 An appropriate explanation for the existence of Bella Swan?

Perhaps Bella is more special than we all thought. Find out here.

#3 Reality Check


An appropriate solution.

#4 New Moon on Truth Serum

“If 'New Moon' Was 10 Times Shorter and 100 Times More Honest” from 

#5: Twilight Saga in 16 panels 


Approximately 1/1 millionth the effort (ie., muddling through poor writing and rehashed plotlines) and you don’t even have to buy a book or movie tickets.


Scotty said...

Well, I must say the plots of those books are rather lame when presented as such. And even so, I must agree they are lame, but why do I still find it interesting?

Perhaps that is a topic you can explore that would fit in with your "Why we like" posts. I would be interested to see why girls and gay men, despide bad writting, still love the twilight series. By the way, I did laugh.

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