Sunday, December 6, 2009

An Open Apology to Kathy Griffin

Several comediennes have the reputation of being ‘fag hags.’  Other than the term, I don’t really have any objections to these comediennes because, comedy, like any other area of the humanities, provokes social consciousness.  Think of Ellen’s “Phone Call to God” sketch.  She really gets at some deep ideas without realizing what you’re doing.   Despite occasional crass humor, women like Margaret Cho and Kathy Griffin have my respect for this kind of subtle ‘quasi-preachy’ encouragement of social change.

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize personally to Kathy Griffin: 


I must confess to you, my D-List Diva, a grievous sin. Though I actively follow your show, your Facebook updates, and your progress towards that much-deserved Grammy, I must admit that I have done something terrible.

I have put before you not another diva, but a man.

On November 21, 2009, I chose a night with a very special boy over going to see your show in Salt Lake City. Although I was sure you’d realize my potential and offer me a position as your next assistant (just from seeing me in the tenth row of the audience), I decided to take a risk on a very sweet guy.  I know you’ll forgive me… eventually. It was a moment of weakness.

Please forgive me…

…and say “Hi” to Anderson for me come New Years’ Eve.


A Gay Mormon Boy


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