Friday, January 29, 2010

Laugh of the Day #9

In all honesty, I was just feeling lazy. The next post in the series is about my worst date ever and I wanted to get it right (in writing, that is-- that date could never have gone right). That said, I was just in the mood for something random and Glee-related.

This is a commercial for the premiere of the show in Japan:

I’ve heard from some friends in Latin America who love the show. Asia doesn’t surprise me either. Maybe it’s the key to world unity and peace?

Put the guns away and watch ‘teenagers’ sing and try to win each other’s hearts. That sounds like a plan to me.


Aaron said...

oh that's hilarious! :P everyone secretly or publicly loves Glee!

Just said...

I couldn't stop laughing ... why is that so funny to me ... thanks ... I think .. now I am addicted to it ..

El Genio said...

I didn't know this show had gone so international. I want a chunk of those royalties :/

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