Sunday, February 21, 2010

Embarrassing Things That Make Me Cry #2

Last year, I made a deal with a friend of mine, Dennis. We both enjoy television to a perhaps unhealthy degree and we were both agreed to catch up on current shows that the other was passionate about.

My choice for him was easy. He could quote every line of Mean Girls, but he’d never seen an episode of 30 Rock.

His choice for me honestly puzzled me a bit. Grey’s Anatomy? Based on the TV spots on Entertainment Tonight before my mission, I genuinely thought that the show was sensationalistic trash. Sure there’s sex, medical mysteries, more sex, drama, drama-induced sex, and cute boys….wait… this isn’t sounding so bad….

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(Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen the show).

This series has managed to make me cry a few times, despite the fact that I can’t stand the title character (Meredith Grey). The first big cry came when Christina gets left at the alter.

For those of you, like me, who didn’t figure you were gay until your twenties or later in or outside of marriage, you’ll understand why the first half of this clip just took my breath away (although I think it comes off slightly over the top in certain parts). It’s from season 5 and provides its own context:

The metaphor of life coming into focus really touched me in a way I wasn’t expecting this show to touch me. I live for these epiphanies and hope that someday, after my own revelation regarding my sexuality, a guy will come along that makes my vision who much sharper.


Ausmo said...

Embarressing? Yes, but I have been known to cry in greys too. Proberly why I watch it alone or with my roomate her crate at it more often. It's an addictive show that's easy to get you hooked in.

I definatly am similar and watch way too much tv definatly dedicated to the 12 or so shows I download a week :-p anyone who gets 30rock watched by more people gets my respect well done!

thinkrqp said...

I'm a HUGE 30 Rock fan. I love Tina Fey. I've recently been doing a similar thing with catching up on shows. I'm in the middle of Dr. Who and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia right now. Next is Big Love!

Auntie Em said...

I admittedly have bawled my eyes out a few times while watching Greys I have been an avid Greys fan since the beginning, I own all the seasons and although I too can't stand Meredith (but adore Derek-Patrick dempsey makes my heart do somersaults) Iove the show, the drama, the medical mysteries, the SEX! I cried for DAYS when George died. DAYS!!!

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Ausmo: You'll be glad to hear I've converted at least a dozen people to 30 Rock.

@thinkrqp: Coincidentally, I was at a Doctor Who party last night. If you're not caught up, it's only going to get more amazing.

@Auntie Em: I started watching back in Sept. and I'm halfway through season 5, so George hasn't died. Please no. Don't tell me he's died. (I knew already).

Tysen said...

I LOVE Grey's Anatomy! And that clips was so good! I've felt like that before, and its a hard revelation to work through as a MoHo. BTW, I cry A LOT during Grey's!

C.J. said...

It's interesting, watching this in the context of the Drake H. discussion; we're all at different levels, in terms of how comfortable we are with ourselves, and others...and it's sad to see how, in terms of sharing life experiences, one person's honesty can be so difficult for another person to handle.

One issue I've been contemplating, in my own life, is whether questioning someone's sexuality is, at least in an existential sense, violating their privacy. I still keep in touch with several people from my university ward, and two of them (both girls), I'm almost positive, are gay. Do I care, in the sense of caring whether someone's gay or straight? No, people are people. But do I care, in the sense of wondering who they really are, what wonderful parts of themselves I never got to experience, what they must be going through, etc.? If I'm really honest with myself, yes. And then, recognizing this, I feel bad, because, well, another person's sexuality is none of my business.

I don't talk about it on my blog AT ALL, but there are some SSA (their term, not mine) issues in my immediate family. Even acknowledging the truth, within a family setting, is, to some extent, violating their privacy, because it's an extremely difficult (cross-generational) issue. I'm the "odd man out", and not really able to understand the dynamics of the situation, because it's not something I've personally experienced, in the sense of, it's not my relationship.

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