Sunday, February 14, 2010

Adventures in Internet Dating, Part 5

The Wood House

While a date with Drake never came to fruition as a result of complications with the distance between us combined with difficult schedules, another guy entered the picture who didn’t really have those problems.  

So, I noticed your profile today.  You must be new in town.  I’m Kevin and I’m finishing up my last semester here.  I’d love to work in web design.  Okay.  Your turn.  Tell me a little about yourself.  Hehe.  ;)

Kevin was forward.  He was flirty and goofy.  The same in person as he was in his first messages as he was in person.  As we were both in the same city and had some common acquaintances it wasn’t long before we first met. 


He was just a little taller than me.  Dark-featured and scruffy, his eyes squinted a bit every time he showed his one-of-a-kind grin.   His voice and laugh represented the more nasal part of that spectrum.  All of this put me at ease early on in the date. 

At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of actually meeting someone I’d spoken to online.  Although it had been about a week since we began chatting and he seemed perfectly normal, there was an initial hesitation as a result that accompanies any first time meeting. 

We went to a sports bar for some burgers.  He got the pastrami and I got the ‘Hawaiian’ (so-named only because of the pineapple and Canadian bacon).

It was standard first date protocol.  Family, missions, and dating histories all came up.  He’d passed through everything I had gone through or planned on going through a year and a half earlier. 

“Did you have any cute mission companions?” he asked as we sat at a table for two next to the bar. 

Sports Bar

“A couple, I guess—Elder Flores and Elder Stratford.”

“I served mostly with Latinos, and I’m not so into them.”

“Yeah?  Did your parents insist on you going on a mission?”

“Kinda,” Kevin said, wincing. “I’m the only boy.”

“So I guess it was hard when you were out there?” I asked.

“Yeah.  It definitely wasn’t easy.  Being gay was always on my mind.”

“For me, it was never an issue,” I stated. “I was lucky to not figure it out until afterward.”

“And how long ago was that?”

“It’s been about six months.”

“Wait,” he gasped.  “You’re telling me you’ve only known you’re gay for six months now?”

“Um… yeah.  And what have you done in that time?  Are you still a good boy?”

“The farthest I’ve ever gone is making out.”

“You can’t be serious.”

I assured him that I was being completely honest and that I had no plans of going any farther than that anytime soon.  He was fascinated by my innocence. Soon thereafter, we made our way to his place. 

On the way, he said, “You’re welcome to come in and talk some more.  I know the good boy’ll keep me from doing anything ‘bad’ tonight.”

As we pulled up to the house, I realized I’d been there before.  It was the wood house (so-named because of it’s stained, wooden exterior and the fact that so many gay boys had lived there).  A month earlier, I’d helped Jack move into the same house.  Little did I know that house would play a big role in my own future.

Wood House

End, Part 5


C.J. said...

A cliffhanger! What happens next???

paul said...


El Genio said...

I have a feeling things are about to get very interesting...

Anonymous said...

This could get good

John F said...

The suspense is killing me!

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Sorry, all, I hope you weren't disappointed that the cliffhanger wasn't completely resolved. That will unfold over the next month or so.

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