Monday, August 17, 2009

Sharpening That Utah Gaydar

A couple of months after one of my best girl friends returned from her mission, my best friend decided that it was time we broke the news to her. It was difficult for all of us. Jacqueline, the friend in question, was shocked and upset by the prospect of her two best male friends were gay. Both of us had served missions. Both of us had been ideal friends in high school and afterwards, yet such a revelation inevitably resulted in a sense of betrayal.

As Jacqueline came to terms with the idea of her two best guys being gay (one doesn't necessarily adjust to the fag hag mantle at the drop of a hat), she needed time space and the help of a few friends who had already gone through such a transition. Eventually, she came around and we found ourselves, weeks later with another friend from Provo, at PF Chang's sitting down to a twenty-something's idea of a fancy dinner.

Within a few minutes, the conversation turned to the gay life in Utah. "Utah must have the worst dating scene there is. How do you even find somebody?" Cole, the other gay bff, pointed out one of the waiters and within a few minutes the waiter returned a flirting glance. Shocked, Jacqueline gasped unintentionally and once the waiter was out of sight exclaimed, "How did you do that?!"

We explained that it's a science that comes with practice and is by no means perfect. Within ten minutes we had a list:

  1. Is the facial hair nicely trimmed?
  2. Does the hair stick up in any way (ie. a faux hawk)?
  3. Are the shoes pointy or at least Italian-looking?
  4. Does he have cologne in his car? Hair products?
  5. Is his but tucked as he walks?
  6. Are his clothes exceptionally well coordinated? (ie. Does his underwear match the rest of his outfit?)
  7. V-necks?
  8. Is there a gym membership on his key chain? Or a rewards card to any of the following: a high-end clothing store, a shoe store, a book store?

Now let's be honest. The aforementioned characteristics are coveted in a straight man which is why it seemed a little piece of Jaqueline died each time we added a point to this list. As the conversation came to an end, she exclaimed "I'm going to end up marrying Bronson!" (one of our more frumpy and awkward high school friends).

To her credit, we did make it seem as if all of the attractive single men in Utah are gay (or gay and don't know it), but we offered her a consoling piece of advice: marry a boy with sisters. "If there's any hope of a straight boy being somewhat concerned about his appearance," Cole advised, "he's probably learned it from his sisters."


Huntress78 said...

"(one doesn't necessarily adjust to the fag hag mantle at the drop of a hat)"

I do believe it is possible :) i am living proof lol. The first gay person i ever met, i wanted to know! i wanted to ask questions, i would stand up for them at school..i kinda understood them.. and i loved them.. if that makes sense? I was a fag hag instantly! LOVES IT lol xxx

oh and LOL@ur checklist :) too funny!!

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