Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Slow Down, GMB!

Unfortunately, my life for the next two weeks will be that of a hermit for the most part. I'm having one of those too-much-on-my-plate, what-the-heck-have-I-done-to-myself? moments. My body and mind are in agreement that it's time to slow down for a bit, and I mean that mentally, psychologically, and socially.

As a result, most of my writing energies will go into other endeavors to which I've already committed myself (two national and regional research presentations, the creation of an exhibit in Salt Lake set to open in June, a full-time job, editing a friend's dissertation, etc.). This basically means that posts during this time will be shorter, funnier, and based on not-so-original content.

That said, Missionary Monday will continue and the next series will have a bit more planning put into it as I untangle the ambiguity of the last series finale. (Something I'm quite satisfied with, by the way. I only wish I'd hashed out the motif in the title a bit more in those last posts-- that's what revisions are for, though).

I wish you well, but promise a big revelation very soon.


Silus Grok said...

God speed!

Anonymous said...

Busy you say? OK I'm cool with it
I'll still be here when you do post.
Don't stress yourself so much and take care

Anonymous said...

I'm having problems sorting out timelines with new people being introduced constantly and being brought up again. With all the aliases, I would have lost track of who is who even if I had been making them up.

It is hard enough to keep up reading, where do you find the time to write for all these blogs?

You even have matching pictures for every few paragraphs.

El Genio said...

Yay it's Mr. Busy!! Not quite as cool my Mr. Strong, but close.

And of course, you manage to leave us hanging even with your short updates. Oh the torture.

Phunk Factor said...

That's alot better than completely disappearing!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok I seriously laughed out loud at the comment you left on that commerical on my blog. "Until I got the kid leash." hahaha.

Im looking forward to the updates sir!


A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Everyone: Hey, I'm back today. :)

@Anonymous: Good point. I think I do need to watch it when people resurface in the blog. As for the number of characters/boys I've dated, it's pretty authentic. If you were to ask any of my friends other than Cole, they would not be able to keep track of which boy is which.

As for writing the blog, I set aside about two hours a day for me time. It's generally writing therapy. Sometimes it's career stuff or research. The last couple of weeks have been less about the blog.

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