Sunday, March 7, 2010

Laugh of the Day #12

My plan to write a regular post was foiled as the SLC Public Library is filled with people who irritate me. Averting the possibility of coming off as judgmental, I’ll only describe them as “loud” although on a less reserved day, I’d certainly not be this kind.

Instead, I present to you a cat food commercial. The tag line (used on a number of other blog posts):

“Friskies: Now with More LSD”

This reminds me a bit of the new Alice in Wonderland, which was 10 times better and more original than I’d expected. It’s my new “Woman Power” movie. The costumes, imagery, plot, and music are all discussion-worthy. Go out and see it.


Cadence said...

dude, why don't you goto the U library? it's not that much further away...

Paige said...

dude that's the trippiest ad i've ever seen!

cats on crystal meth

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Cadence: I probably could have. I just have concerns about access. I've had trouble accessing blogger and facebook on campuses and have never tried the U. I did get free cake, though. The library association had a birthday party as I was on my way out.

@Paige: I kind of wanted to be a cat after seeing that.

Cadence said...

dude, the U has guest internet and nothing is blocked... (it's not like the school to the south...)

Gay LDS Actor said...

I bet this is what my cats see when they're eating catnip.

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