Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sue Says: Stop Being Sneaky

Okay everyone—sorry for the cliffhanger. The final installment is coming soon. It’s difficult to write because it involves a big first and also involves tying together the stories I’ve been telling. Of any post that I started or completed to this point, I feel this one has the most at stake in every sense.

In other news, writing continues to be bogged down by emotions, and some time commitments for two huge academic and community projects (those of you in Utah: you’re welcome to participate in the latter of the two—just email me).

Instead of something substantive or personal today, I share something that you’ve probably run into on other blogs, but here is one of the best Glee-related videos to date:


El Genio said...

Oooh a "big first" - my mind is boiling with all the possibilities.

Andrew said...

I watched that and its so funny! I love the irony of it and Jane Lynch is one of my favorite actors.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@El Genio: Sorry for the wait. I finally finished it.

@Andrew: She is a great actor, I must say. I love her in Christopher Guest's movies.

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