Sunday, March 21, 2010

An Open Letter to Constance McMillen

For those of you who haven’t been following this young woman in the news, she’s a high school senior at Itawamba Agricultural High School, who cancelled their prom rather than allowing her to bring her girlfriend. Here’s a rhyming version of the story for your amusement:


Watching you recently on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show, you made quite an impression on me. There’s something to be said for the future of this country. At your age (nearly a decade ago), I wouldn’t have conceived such a simple right as taking someone of the same sex to a dance as something acceptable. I suppose it took some personal experience and growth to realize that I don’t know everyone’s situation.

It is really irritating to look around and see people convinced that they know what is right and wrong , especially because I once did. The reality of the matter is that I had tricked myself into believing that I knew what was best for everyone even when that was sacrificed for basic freedoms—a majority convincing itself that it knows what’s best for everyone.

What makes you so admirable, my friend, is not that you see through these fallacies to the simple kernels of truth, but rather that you make nothing of it. You’re not doing so to show off or seek attention in any way. Although others intervened in your behalf and your story grew into something much larger, I like to think that one day you and your simple request will be looked at in a similar way to great women like Rosa Parks and Susan B. Anthony who ended up showing a nation—through small and simple things—that certain rights (even those seemingly as trivial as going to prom with another woman) transcend tradition.


Constance on Ellen (referred to above):


Kiley said...

I am proud of her. She seems so level-headed and mature for her age. She is very brave especially considering where she lives. Louisiana is a lot like Mississippi and I definitely know I would be fired if anyone knew I was gay.

Phunk Factor said...

I have been trailing this news bit myself and it does leave me very cold!! School's enforcing their opinions over the student body is simply absurd!!

And yeah, this girl has got one heck of a fighting spirit!!!

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Some good news on the topic:

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