Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good Underrated Movies?

A local video store is going out of business. Are there any totally under-rated non-mainstream films I should look for as they’re going for $4 a piece on DVD? Foreign and independent films or forgotten older films are what I’d like to add to my collection. I picked up Persepolis, The Band’s Visit, and Curse of the Golden Flower. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Everyone.


paul said...

Curse of the Golden Flower, eh?

I've always liked Zhang Yimou's cinematography and use of color... but Golden Flower had too many wtheck surprises. which should be nothing new considering his other movies, but I found myself thinking 'did that really need to happen?' more than I should have.(what if thats what corporeal punishment was really like... lol.)

Plus the ending was meh. My friend and I saw it in theaters and we didn't know how to react... The corny chinese pop song that started at the panning out before the credits did not help.

If you don't mind some depressing-ish movies, Yimou's middle-period Dramas "Ju Dou" & "Raise the Red Lantern" are both good films. Not the same action-wise as CurseOTGC, but Red Lantern still has the gorgeous colors.

& both also star Gong Li. (Zhang likes to put her through a lot of tragedy...)

Hrm. I also really like "Eat Drink, Man Woman". I think that it's a pretty under-rated film x10.

Its the only one I would want to watch right now.. the other 2 are emotionally heavy.

"2046" from Wong Kar Wai has a great soundtrack and visuals to match. a smooth latin jazz feel, and bel canto opera that I adore.
& thanks to all his Romance movies from Wong, I have a crush on tony leung.

thinkrqp said...

"Millions" is an older British movie I really enjoyed. I picked it up on sale at Blockbuster.

I'd also recommend "Away We Go" if you missed it in theaters. I picked that up last week at a Blockbuster that was having a clearance sale.

Hope you find some good ones.

chedner said...

Kinky Boots

Unfortunately, my other 'good underrated movies' that I'd recommend are actually French musicals on DVD and are not available in the states.

I had to go through,, and some Korean site for my collection.

C.J. said...

"A Home of Our Own".

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@PG: Thanks for all of the suggestions. I'll make a trip down after work today and see what's left.

@thinkrqp: I love "Away We Go." It's one of the few movies I've actually posted on.

@Chednar: I was watching that one quite recently, but it was in a sort of party setting, so I didn't get into it.

@C.J.: I will check that one out.

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