Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Adventure with Emily

I’m off today to Holi with Emily. It should be great. See you there around 4pm. For those of you who don’t know what Holi (The Festival of Colors) is like, here’s a video:

Maybe I’ll see you there.


Andy said...
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Andy said...

I am having weird computer issues. All I wanted to say was...I was there. And I loved it. The End.

paul said...

Was also there.

would have said hi, but i was in the middle of the crowd with a bunch of girls. hahaha.

i got blasted with colors. i had a white shirt and black pants but i left with orange jeans and a pink shirt. my face got caked.

by the time it came off it was like i was made of grape kool aid powder.. which would be funny if you knew me hahaha.

paul said...

oh yeah! i got thrown up/boost jumped by some really huge guys with one of the girls right when that person got hurt and they told everybody that throwing is not allowed. lol.

~MiChAeL~ said...

Man it was soo intense! I couldn't breathe for like ten minutes, but it was fun. I too had a white shirt on which WAS pink at the end! haha

paul said...

hahahaha comment on that video: White hippies have desecrated a sacred Indian tradition.

sooooo true. the number of people mocking the mantras, even though its supposed to be a fun festival. there still should be some respect for the religious aspect of the celebration.

pretending to dance like heathens around the fire... is sort of insulting.

its sort of like if hindus came to church and took the sacrament just for pure entertainment.

haha... that reminded me of when as a kid my sister and i used to pretend to have sacrament meeting as a game. including sacrament. we were some blasphemin bastardo kids.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Andy: I was there in the afternoon. So much fun. So many people.

@gar: I went with black. It was awesome. I saw some girls with duct tape writing things in their shirts. I plan on stealing that idea next year.

@Michael: Yeah. It was difficult to breathe sometimes.

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