Friday, March 19, 2010

The Countdowns Are On!

Two of the best shows on TV are coming back in less than a month.

Some previews:

Doctor Who is back April 17.

And Glee April 13.


Unknown said...

I can't wait for Glee.... Although Ive never been one for Doctor Who

Kiley said...

I love GLEE!!!

paul said...

the 11th doctors big forehead... i sort of like it. & i saw that weeping angel flash on the trailer. ooh they give me the creeps!

i like them glee kids... but they have not even saved the world once.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Quinn: My nerd side and my gay side will rejoice very soon.

@Reina: Let's put together a MoHo Gleek group. Everybody posts their reactions the day after along with a picture of the character they have a crush on. We could start a trend. Haha. I call other Asian or Artie!

@PG: He does. I like the looks of the new companionship more than the actual Doctor.

Also, I figure that Glee will eventually have an animated spinoff reviving Captain Planet. Haha.

Thinkrqp said...

I just watched the new trailer for Dr. Who this morning! So excited!

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