Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cooking with the Stars: Pineapple Chicken Curry

Saturday, the gang from True Blood brought over the ‘fixins for Pineapple Chicken Curry.


Despite many pleas, no human blood was used in this recipe. That’s not to say, there was no blood involved…

…let’s just say that Tracy Morgan got a little gung ho when we asked him to cut the pineapple.


Also, for whatever reason, he thought it was a costume party, so he showed up dressed as The Bride from Kill Bill. He really is as crazy as his character on 30 Rock.

Neil Patrick Harris proved himself—yet again—a superstar.


He really has a talent for gaying things up with garnish. Add that to your resume along with those twin Emmys.

Now for the big test. Let’s ask “How Sue see’s it.”


“Now I’m not saying I won’t eat it because it’s disgusting. I won’t eat it because it’s Asian.” She’s probably not going to be invited again anytime soon after that outburst, but we do love her.

Some good news: Roseanne showed up with desert.


The bad news: she thought it was BYOD—Bring Your Own Dessert.

All in all, though, it was a great evening with everyone including Chedner (the boyfriend) and Moving Horizon. I’m glad they didn’t mind my conversation gaffe… asking NPH is he’ll have my babies. Also, if you see anybody from True Blood, ask them if they know where Roseanne is.

From start to finish:


seandmc said...

I might have to watch that, the Pin chick Curry sounds good. I'm bummed, I downloaded season 2 of True Blood because I decided to get back into it now after listening to everyone rave about it. You've probably seen this but if you haven't watch Summer Heights High.

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