Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Food for Thought #10

My missionary trainer often spoke of other denominations picking and choosing which biblical doctrines they followed while we had a living prophet to provide revelation for us as needed. I flashed back when I saw this tweet on JoeMyGod:

I tend to believe that MoHos (Mormon Homosexuals) are in a similar situation. There comes a point for many in which we begin picking and choosing what principles from the religion we’ll live and which are too contrary to our happiness.

I tend to think the best option is to make choices with purpose and integrity.


robert said...

From my readings on Northstar and Moho blogs, I find it difficult to understand how one can adhere to LDS doctrine with a same sex orientation outside of celibacy.

The doctrine seems to be the rub. When one steps outside the cultural milieu of Mormon communities, how does one hold on to the doctrine? Without the cultural support and judgment of others in the form of the Church and brethren, how does a person experience Mormonism?

I mean, what do you really mean when you say choices based on "integrity"? Is the Church and its teachings the ultimate authority on issues of integrity? Wouldn't a TBM find this to be the case?

How can one have it both ways?

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

This is very much the conclusion I arrived at and the theme of the next series. Is it possible to be happy and have it all when two essential parts of identity stand in direct conflict? Is compromise the solution or will one ideological plate subduct underneath another?

As far as integrity, I think that comes into line after choosing a path (i.e., celibacy or leaving the church), but basing that experience upon the lessons learned and making that decision. I might not have chosen one path, but those experiences will be informed by the past 24 years of my life with principles like honesty, fidelity, etc.

Anonymous said...

so a guy well my pastor told me something yesterday just because his god views the world like this or that does not mean my god how can a man who teachs god is this way or that say such a thing peopel have tried to define god thats what humans do we forget that he is almighty and perfect for us in that sense each persons god is different Love<~Peter~>

p.s. i think if you see it as bad your god will

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