Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Embarrassing Things That Make Me Cry #5


I suppose this is partly inspired by the Mexican Supreme Court decision (not a phrase I utter everyday), but I’ve been thinking a lot about kids lately. More and more, I’m of the mindset that adoption should be in the mind of the guy I end up with.

Since I was adopted and I see it as a part of my future, I just thought I’d share some emotionality this week. When I first saw it, I honestly couldn’t stop crying 15 minutes after the movie (something that’s never happened before or since). Here’s an un-spoilery clip, though the ending’s very good:


El Genio said...

and it has Allison Janney in it. I'm definitely going to put this on the Netflix list.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

You have not seen? Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman are so good in this one. Hit me up for a discussion afterward. Diablo Cody did an amazing job with that side of the story in my opinion that gets overlooked quite often.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar reaction when I saw Juno. I know there was other stuff going on, but my first thought was, I am seeing what my birthmom went through. I saw it theatres a couple months after I had started corresponding with her through email but before I met her in person. It was interesting. Love that movie. Love that it is the most 'normal" portrayal of adoption I've ever seen, and one of the few public portrayals of late that shows domestic adoption.

Butterflies and hand-grenades said...

I have always loved Juno...that movie is so quote-able :)

"I still have your underwear!"
"Well, I still have your virginity!!!'
(you cried!?! That movie isn't sad!!!) (Million dollar baby is sad, but juno...??)

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