Monday, September 27, 2010

Notes on "A Series of Sundays"

Sunday in the Park with George Mandy Patinkin PaintingA few notes on the latest series:

  1. The title is derived from the musical Sunday in the Park with George.  From the plays setting description page: "Act I takes place on a series of Sunday from 1884-1886 and alternates between a park and an island in the Seine just outside of Paris and George [Seurat]'s studio."
  2. The epigraphs are derived from the same musical.  The choice seemed fitting as much of the show focuses on the concept of vision.  Although that theme is somewhat undeveloped and non-cohesive in the series, it plays an important role.
  3. A significant aspect of this series is admittedly controversial in Mormon circles.  My main goal was to find a balance for readers familiar with the significance of garments as well as those completely unfamiliar.  I hope I remained respectful and provided enough context to understand the significance in the story. 


naturgesetz said...

I suppose Mormons may feel differently about it, but as a non-Mormon it seemed to me that you provided a good window into your feelings during that time.

And I sensed no disrespect in anything you wrote, and certainly not with respect to the garments. You had given enough information for me to have some understanding of their meaning, and there was a profound poignancy when you wrote of removing them for the last time.

Kiley said...

It was a great series. Thank you for posting it. I don't comment much but I always read your blog and I love your style.

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