Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Food for Thought #24

Today’s thought from the patron saint of MoHo poetry:

May Swenson

“One must be honest somewhere.  I wish to be honest in poetry.”

-- May Swenson


Anonymous said...

I like that quote. I also like that its on a wall to remind people of that every time they pass.

robert said...

I read this shortly before my mother passed away...from "Feel Me"
Oddly, I did not know she was raised as a Mormon.

The dying must feel the pressure of that question—
lying flat, turning cold from brow to heel—the hot
cowards there above protesting their love, and saying,
“What can we do? Are you all right?” While the wall opens
and the blue night pours through. “What can we do?
We want to do what’s right.”

“Lie down with me, and hold me, tight. Touch me. Be
with me. Feel with me. Feel me to do right.”

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