Monday, September 27, 2010

Man Harem Inductee #5; Man Harem Must See #2

This week, I just needed out of my house.  I’ve been gym-faithful and good about studying for the GRE, but I really needed some me time.  When a friend texted me asking if I wanted to go see a movie, I couldn’t say no. 

I’d been dying to see a certain movie since I heard Bob Mondello’s NPR review of the movie the other day on the freeway.  A very loose adaptation of Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, I perked my ears at a brief explanation of “Easy A.”


As Mondello puts it, “in most high-school comedies, the high jinks tend to be so lowbrow that even a nod in a literary direction deserves extra credit,” but this smart take on a classic has some serious merit.  Teen movies tend to either be preachy or cater to a low brow audience, but this one strikes the perfect balance (like Mean Girls but less humor-based). 

This movie gets at the issue of sex roles.  While main character Olive is seen as a slut for sleeping a guy (or rather saying she did), the guy is treated as a hero for doing such.  This is a brilliant internal and personal take on our cultural assignments. 

Of course, Olive has a love interest, Penn Badgley who makes the movie doubly-worth the price of admission: 


His eyes have this steely appeal I couldn’t help but notice (and since Chedner wasn’t there, I couldn’t feel too guilty about…).  He’s also been in Gossip Girl and John Tucker Must Die (which I apparently need to see now).

While I could go on about the hair, the biceps, the understatement in the smile, etc., I will just say he comes off as the prince charming that every boy needs—not worrying about what others say, letting you be your own person, being thoughtful and sincere at every turn.  I guess he made me appreciate what I have. 

Enjoy this adventure of a movie which is pleasingly full of allusions not only to literature but also romantic tropes and teen movies that you’ll come out with a thoughtful smile on your face. 



Biki Honko said...

I usually give teens movies a pass, but your review honestly intrigued me, and so tis off to the movies! I sure hope the popcorns fresh!

robert said...

about this harem there a genetic polygamous proclivity perhaps a preternatural possession? :)

GMAT said...

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Anonymous said...

This one was really good. I had been looking forward to seeing it and though it wasnt on par with 'Mean Girls' it still made me laugh in some spots. And Penn B is a hottie!

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