Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From the (Literal) Closet of GMB #1

This series documents a bit of my style and accompanies “MoHos and Their Clothes.”  I’ll share some actual pieces of my wardrobe bit by bit, working up to full ensembles. 

The first selection reflects my appreciation for Express and their great dress shirts, though admittedly only a couple are actually from there.  The rest are Kohl’s and JC Penney’s clearance finds:


Some observations:

  1. Yes, there are four blue shirts.
  2. Only two have French cuffs.  (They are lonely and characteristically snooty—rightfully so).
  3. Each one has a matching pair of socks…and a tie… but the socks are what really matter.
  4. Although I like to flatter myself in  the 14-14 1/2 range, my real size is 15-15 1/2. 
  5. Yellow sort of makes me look sallow, so my closet bouncer keeps it out.
  6. My newest purchase—Mr. Gray from the DI ($4)  
  7. I’m wearing the lavender one in the back tonight on my date with Dustin Lance Black tonight… explanation tomorrow….


Phunk Factor said...

Love this post....wanna see more!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! haha. I actually did the same thing the other day. Not for my blog specifically. I got a new camera and had color coordinated and organized all the clothes in my closet. coats -> jackets -> pullovers -> long sleeve shirts -> polos -> t shirts -> vests -> costumes. Haha. My closet takes up an entire wall in my bedroom and i never want to get rid of a thing!

David Baker said...

So can I just say that this photo makes me want to vomit. Not because of the shirts which are lovely btw. But because my mind is so trained to have my clothes all face the same direction and the lack of that causes my OCD to trip out and induce vomiting. Just thought you should know :p

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Phunk Factor: More on its way including socks.

@Konrad: You should check out my sock album on facebook if you are into color coordination.

@David: You're lucky it's not a picture of them in a pile on the floor. I know one thing to do to purposefully annoy you now.

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