Thursday, September 30, 2010

From the (Literal) Closet of GMB #2

I shared with you recently my love of thrift stores (particularly Deseret Industries), and mentioned that they are an excellent place to buy suits.

It is a real challenge for those of us 42" and smaller who enjoy the "slim" look.  That said, the thrill of the hunt and the sweet taste of victory make it all worth it.

DSCN1635Some notes:

  1. My favorite suit is, alas, no longer intact (charcoal with red and white pinstripes).  Find out the embarrassing story of the pants' demise here.  Cole nicknamed said pants my "ass pants."  You can probably guess why.
  2. For a graduation gift, my parents insisted on buying me a non-thrift store suit.  We got a two-for-one deal and they are the only suits I did not buy used.
  3. You'll notice that there are in total a dozen suits here.  The black pinstriped one and the red-tinged brown are from Men's Warehouse.   Other patterns include grey and blue checks and navy with blue and pink pinstripes.
  4. All but three have a vest.  Three-piece is a must.  
  5. As I always say-- the vest is the man's corset.  Hides the fat, fixes the posture.  There are another three vests when I have a particular tie in mind.
  6. The newest addition to the set was a $10 green sherbet checked three-piece.  Still need to hem the pants, but it has a lot of retro potential.  I'd like something with a pronounced red-- maybe I'll play Mr. Applegate someday in Damn Yankees
  7. This post reminds me of a song from one of my favorite off-Broadway shows.  The song is: "The Man in the Starched White Shirt."  Now name the show.


Anonymous said...

I have no suits at all! Can you believe it? I just dont feel like any jackets look good on me. lol. I love your collection!

I actually thought of you last night because I organized my closet according to color again. I love the way it looks. My closet being organized is of the upmost importance to me! haha.

Cole said...

Songs from an Unmade Bed?

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