Friday, November 5, 2010

So It Is Written…


Let it be known that here is my list of grad schools (no mention of programs at this point because it’s disadvantageous to have this information not be tied to my applications): 

  • Northwestern
  • UNC—Chapel Hill
  • Iowa
  • Indiana
  • UPenn
  • NYU
  • Rutgers
  • Utah
  • Columbia
  • Howard
  • Illinois State

It’ll feel more official once I push this little publish button.  One, two, three… and here we go.


Unknown said...

Why not answer the questions on the quiz? It would be fun to see if you answered "yes" to any of the questions. Good luck with the application process. I remember my feeling opening the envelop with my acceptance - glad that I made it but also realizing all the work I was signing up for.

robert said...

I think the imagination crushing is the most accurate observation. I never witnessed imagination, but know more about statistics and SPSS than anyone needs to know unless one does stats as a job...eek.

Research 1 Unis are by far the most humiliating for students because very little money comes to them through student tuition...short stick. Prepare for plenty of cancelled classes in these schools.

I'm leaving education all together at the end of December (my choice). The students are uninspired and the college financial system is broken in Washington state.

Back to Asia...and gladly

JJ Happyrock said...

i say columbia or of luck

Mister Curie said...

Be sure to let us know when you get your Penn interview so we can meet you.

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