Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Man Harem Must See

It’s not often something grasps my attention so suddenly and so completely (or Cole’s for that matter), but a certain film has done just that this week, and it’s not because it stars a GMB Man Harem inductee, one Lee Pace:

Lee PacePace stars as an injured and depressed stuntman telling a little girl with a broken arm an epic story about five heroes on a mission to defeat an evil governor. His story, the little girl’s and that of the heroes intertwine in an amazing movie filmed over four years in eighteen different countries. The visuals, acting, costumes, and story are all magnificent in this movie I found for $3 at a going out of business sale.

The movie? The Fall:

The Fall

Some visuals:

The Fall-1The Fall-2 The Fall-3

An amazing tale of storytelling and responsibility.


alea said...

It's such a gorgeous film. Also, there's some intrigue about the child actor. She may or may not have understood what parts of the filming were real and which were fabricated. But still, so effing pretty.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

I wondered about that when Lee Pace's character was explaining the Eucharist. I find that detail only enhancing the overall theme of the movie. What a wonderful exploration of why we tell stories and why we listen to them.

Mister Curie said...

An excellent and intriguing movie!

Cole said...

Remember how we were riveted and I made you rewind to the butterfly and how the love scene was sumptuous and gorgeous and I couldn't breathe because everything felt like beautiful fabric grazing against my skin and WOW!!! So glad you found it and we watched it together.

Now to get a group of virgin viewers and watch their reactions...

TGD said...

I love that movie

The Blogger said...

I've never seen this movie, I just watched the trailer it looks amazing. Thanks for the tip, I will find a copy and watch it in detail :-) Thanks. db

thinkrqp said...

The scenery has to be my favorite part of the film. They used locations all over the world. The adorable Lee Pace also helped make it incredible. I really need to rewatch it now!

If you've not already come across this site you may enjoy it.

roxas0027 said...

OK I have LOVED LOVED LOVED Lee Pace for a while now he is SOOO CUTE!!!! Ok you need to watch both seasons of Pushing Daisies. It is by far the Best show I have EVER seen and he is SO CUTE in it you might just die a little. :) seriously great show and excellent guy!

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Mr. Curie. Very much so. I plan on looking into the director's other films.

@Cole: We still haven't finished our discussion. I may revisit this.

@TGD: Then you have good taste. ;)

@AGOHWO: You're welcome. I really don't do this often.

@Thinggrp: Thanks for that link. It's now bookmarked and I may do a little writing on that after the commentary.

@roxas0027: So true. I own both seasons. He's in a few new movies this year. My next Lee Pace indulgence: Wonderfalls-- a one-season show I can't wait to see.

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