Saturday, July 17, 2010

Food for Thought #6

This video came up on my reader via Queerty and left me with some interesting questions as somebody who didn’t realize he was gay until his mid-20s.

A few reactions:

How did I react to more flamboyant gays?

Wow, he looks and sounds like Mark (my first bf—getting home from his mission next month) only half as cute.

Do I do anything to make guys who might not have realized they’re gay more aware of the diversity among homosexuals?

Do I laugh inside about “overly macho” straight people?


Devin said...

I knew I was gay when I was very young, and people started asking me if I was gay when I was 15. Sometimes this was really devastating to me because I was trying to hard to be "good" aka "straight." As much as I tried to hide it, people saw me for who I really was. I had a couple of friends over yesterday who first met me when I was in the closet. They recalled the immediate conversation after meeting me.

I love it now. I love embracing my gay identity. And for me it is obviously different than other people. Now I'm letting my outside match my inside. I was always a little exuberant, and now my clothes and style are too.

However, that being said, some gay men are way out there for me. But, I love it! They are comfortable with who they are. My boyfriend and I are going to throw an "Uber Gay" party this fall to celebrate our gayness and invite our friends to come dressed as gay as they want.

My facebook status says today: "I laugh at myself at least once a day... everyone else is doing it, so I might as well join in the fun!"

M said...

I have gay traits.
I have straight traits.
People wonder.
People guess.
Some know.
Some not.
People are curious.
I like it.


A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@Devin: I LOVE the idea for your party. I can just see the extreme v-necks, the fawxhawks, and the great shoes.

I must agree with your point on the outside matching the inside. As I got in touch with myself and confident, I realized that dressing well is an expression of that confidence.

Being who you are
-- first--
and being
happy with who
are go so far.

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