Monday, July 19, 2010

Laugh of the Day #22

I saw this on The Daily Dish a few days ago. Since I already admitted that I like Star Wars (certainly better than Star Trek), I just had to post it:


Anonymous said...

you have to have a certian boldness to just go out and do that Love<~Peter~>

naturgesetz said...

That was certainly clever. Took a certain amount of planning and coordination to make sure the soldiers and Darth Vader got on the right car and the right train.

Chelsi Archibald said...

Funny stuff. I love improve everywhere, they are great!

Anonymous said...

Hi, GMB. I have been in your neck of the woods, again, all weekend. It is HOT everywhere!!

Hey, did you serve your mission in Argentina? If so, which mission? I had a nephew who served in the Salta Argentine mission.

Hope you are doing well!

Happy night. :)

Oh, an would you be kind enough to tell Cole I do NOT know him- he asked if I did after I "caught" a real name in one of your posts.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@dpking: Definitely.

@naturgesetz: Well-planned AND well-executed!

@Eu Te Am: I saw something they did once on a trip. There's a sidewalk in NYC where they painted lanes for tourists and real New Yorkers.

@this blog author. It is getting so hot and so nice. I hope you're well and healing up. As for Argentina, I served in Brazil, but visited last summer.

Also, consider your Cole request fulfilled. He was very curious.

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