Friday, September 25, 2009

“We Need to Talk”, Part 2

As is the case with most things, coming out to girls became easier over time. I took precautions not to let them to become too interested by offering hints and saying that I wasn't interested in a relationship at that point in my life (of course omitting that little piece "with a woman").

After telling Cole, he helped plan my coming out episodes—testing the waters, assessing possible reactions, etc.

Matilde never really intimidated me as far as coming out. Inactive in the Church, she didn't really hold the same expectations for me that everyone else did. That made things relatively easy. The environment was more controlled in that one little variable didn't make up part of the equation. Of course, the experiment could fail, but I knew that there was no better time for me or for her.

We were just leaving a party at Cole's and I was about to drive her home. Getting in the car, I didn't hesitate nearly as much.

"I've got something, I need to tell you, Matilde."

"Okay. What is it?"

"You know how we all joked about moving in together and living in New York with a gay roommate?"


"Well, how would you feel if I were the gay roommate?"

Simple, quick, and to the point.

"You mean?"

"Yeah. And I'm pretty sure."

All I got for a bit after that were some pensive Hmmms. Then, finally, she said, "I really wasn't expecting this. I mean we all thought Cole would be the one."

I laughed and explained that the guy she'd met recently, Grey, was my current love interest.

Her response (one I've heard multiple times) amused me to no end:

"Dammit! What a perfect waste of two gorgeous men."

End, Part 2.


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