Sunday, October 3, 2010

Conference Controversy

I've found the discussion of Elder Packer's comments very interesting (particularly on Facebook walls...).

Though there are a lot of ways to look at this, one reaction among all of the discussion stood out.  In reaction to JonJon's post on the matter, MNJ shared the following video:


In regards to compassion, I agree that there is something to be desired here of generations past.  Naturally, people don't attempt to understand struggles they don't directly face.  I would say that I only began to understand compassion not when I came to terms with my homosexuality, but rather when I became friends with my transgender friend Ishmael.  I'd challenge everyone to attempt the same and gain some perspective.

I think it's also noteworthy to share a flashback from when I was working in a lab on campus.  I was running some density samples and listening to a radio interview on Elder Packer.  I remember thinking, "I hope that man never becomes Prophet."  I'd felt so guilty at feeling so offput by some of words regarding feminism and even evolution (even without realizing I was gay), but now I feel I can put aside that frustration and let others' rage and disgust pass me by. 


Some other reactions to Packer:

From MoHos:


From ExMos:


National Bloggers:



A Gay Mormon Boy said...

I'd also add this FB note:

Anonymous said...

Packer can never become prophet. He may become president of the church one day, which would prove that whatever divine inspiration it used to have is completely gone. But he can never be a prophet because he is a htte-mongering, bitter liar, who has caused numerous suicides among young gay mormons. He is not a man of God.

robert said...

GMB: I'm a little disappointed that you didn't really "blog" on this very controversial Packer speech.

I don't see you backing away from bullies which is exactly what Packer is...a bully. Nobody needs to be reminded of the consequences of bullies going unchecked...

You have a lot of followers...

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

@robert: Expect a full post. I came down with an awful cold, so I didn't develop what I wanted to. If I'm better, expect a post soon.

Stella said...

I do love the video on compassion. Thank you for sharing!

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