Friday, October 8, 2010

300 (+2) Posts

300 postsIf you were wondering, now you know.  I am one of those bloggers who uses inconsequential milestones such as one’s 300th post to take a day off or wax narcissistic.  Since I forgot to do that a couple of days ago, this is actually #302. 

I now present to you 30 random questions.  10 for each post. 

1)What is your occupation?
Receptionist extraordinaire.

2)What is on the floor of your closet?
My army of shoes.

3)What are you listening to now?
I’ve been listening to The Bird and the Bee’s Hall and Oates album and Katy Perry this week. 

4)What was the last thing you ate?
Cherry cobbler yogurt.

5)Can you drive a stick shift?
The short answer is no.  I have a story about learning how to do so in Chile and almost dying, though. 

6)Last person you spoke to on phone?
My dear dad. 

7)What do you think of questionnaires like this?
I like an excuse to do them, but don’t give them much priority.

8)How old are you today?
I just turned 107 in Mercurian years.  Check out this planetary birthday calculator.

9)What is your favourite sport to watch on TV?
I’d have to say soccer.  I’d say hockey, but the guys don’t take their shirts off when a goal is scored….

10)What are your favourite drinks?

I love me some Diet Mountain Dew.  Peach Fresca is slightly less amazing.  I’m also a fan of chai and iced teas. 

11)Have you ever dyed your hair?
Never.  Somebody could probably convince me to someday.  Part of me wants to go all secret agent, dying it black and trying to pass as Latino.

12)Favourite food?
I would have to say Brazilian Stroganoff.  Recipe here

13)Last movie watched?
Mansfield Park

14)Favourite day of the year?
Probably the first day of school. 

15)How do you vent out your anger?
Bottle it up and then confess it all out every few months.

16)Favourite toy as a child?
My stuffed pound puppies cat, whiskers.

17)Favourite season?
Summer.  Because it’s not winter.

18)Do you want your friends to email you?
I’d rather they call or text.  Or post a brilliant 30 Rock quote on my Facebook wall.

19)When was the last time you cried?
Tuesday.  After watching Glee.

20)What color are your socks now?
I’m wearing the union jack today because I’m awesome and they match today:


21)Who is the friend you have had the longest?
I’d say Cole, Jacqueline, and Emily have stuck with me longer than anyone.  Our group expanded to Chenese, Nate, Serenity, and others shortly thereafter and with few exceptions we’re still fairly close.

22)What did you do last night?
Minimal studying, lots of sleeping to get over this cold, and a significant amount of chatting with boyfriend Chedner

23)What are you most afraid of?
Losing control.  I read once that all fears are tied to losing control, so since then I’ve always given that answer.

24)Plain,cheese or spicy hamburger?
Cheese sounds good.

25)Favourite dog breed?

Dogs aren’t really my thing, so something cuddly but not needy.

26)Favorite day of the week?
Fridays.  Because of cuddling and TV watching after a day at work.

27)How many states have you lived in?
1 in the US.  1 in Chile.  1 in Brazil.

28)Diamond or pearl?
Diamonds are kind of off-putting because I associate them with rapper/gangsta wannabes and war in Africa.

29)What is your wish for the next year?
To be accepted to one of my top 3 grad schools.

30)What’s your next big project?
An annotated bibliography of gay Mormon blogs.  (After that a play that will get some pretty significant attention given the current political discourse… again, that’s all I can say).


Anonymous said...

I <3 those socks.

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